Ice Break Extreme - Professional Ice Melt Product
  • Ultra fast, extreme ice remover
  • Works 8X faster than rock salt
  • Keeps working for 48 hours
  • Keeps working down to -21°C
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% biodegradable-leaves no mess
  • Quick, light and easy to dispense - no tools needed
  • Used and approved by NHS and MOD
  • Commercial grade 100% pure product- contains no added fillers
  • Non corrosive - will not damage concrete, tarmac, flooring carpets or metalwork
  • Non toxic, will not harm vegetation or animals
  • Free delivery available
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2 x Buckets 8kg ICEB28 £47.90 (GBP) £43.60 (GBP)
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1 Bucket 15.25kg MD26B £46.20 (GBP) £41.00 (GBP)
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1x24Kg Buckets-Free dispensing scoop ICEB224 £72.86 (GBP) £59.82 (GBP)
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1x Metric Ton bag (= 41x 24kg) MD26TB £1,207.44 (GBP) £1,137.77 (GBP)

Professional ice melting products   

The No 1 choice in the UK for fast removal of thick & hardened ice - Used to replace rock salt & grit

Ice Break Extreme is without doubt the most effective ice melter, ice clearing product available in the market today. It is safe, works 8x faster and covers 12X  the area of rock salt. Rock salt lasts for upto 4/5 hours, Ice Break Extreme lasts for upto 48 hours! Our unique formula heats upon contact to 50°C, quickly penetraes the ice breaking the bond to the ground upon impact. It is lightweight, simple to apply and leaves absolutely no mess at all. It is fully biodegardeable, non-toxic to humans, animals or vegetation. It is the preferred choice to replace aggressive and messy rock salt.  100% pure ice melt granuels. 

Take a look at ICE BREAK in operation -

What do we mean by Commercial Grade Ice Melter?

  • Ice Break Extreme is 100% pure graded ice melt granuels - DOES NOT CONTAIN FILLERS or flakes often used to bulk out products
  • Our ice melter pellets are unique and have been scientifically designed to produce a maximum even spread - this is not the case with many ice melting products.
  • Ice Break Extreme has been approved, tried and tested for many years by the MOD, NHS, numerous Local Authorities, The Royal Mint to name a few.


We are the manufactures of Ice Break Extreme

Many ice melting products contain fillers, salt, flakes and therefore do not work effectively, they are difficult to evenly dispense, leave messy residues, some are toxic and even corrosive. Ice Break Extreme is safe, non-corrosive and does not attack concrete or tarmac roads, pathways, drive surfaces ect saving you thousands in pothole repairs or resurfacing. Safe on metals, vehicle bodies, astro turfs, all weather pitches, plants and shrubbery. Our ice melting product will not damage your carpets or scratch your flooring. It does not discolour clothing or footwear.

Ice Break Extreme is widely used throughout the UK, Scandinavia & Germany and is essential for winter maintenance planning. It is used in nursing homes, sheltered accommodation, offices buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, airports and public areas. The easiest way to apply the pellers is via a spreader or trowel. 

Ice Break Extreme is a highly cost effective, premium ice clearing product which keeps on working long after other traditional de-icing products have stopped. It works on treated areas for up to 48 hours, eliminating the re-formation of a hazardous water film. 

Ice Break Extreme ice melting pellets dissolves completely without trace, leaving no muddy deposits, no mess or residues to clean up or drains to unblock, this can save you hours of hard work, time and money. 

Ice Break Extreme uniform, lightweight, premium high purity pellets spread easily for complete and accurate coverage. 1x 12.5 kg bucket will treat a large area of light ice cover up to1000m2 or 250 m2 of thick ice. Once used the buckets become great storage containers! 


Used to dissolve ice on: 

  • cold store areas
  • emergency exits
  • forecourts
  • loading bays
  • driveways
  • steps
  • car parks
  • runways
  • ramps
  • roadways
  • pedestrian precincts
  • drains
  • railways and other key access or loading points.
  • Can be used on equipment and sewers lines or other locations where snow and ice build up can prove hazardous.


Speak to the experts on 01495 308048 who will give you advice on how to remove ice fast or information on any of our premium winter products