Hand Cleaning Wipes
  • Dual Purpose - Hand cleaner and surface wipes
  • Active biocide and sanitizer for perfect hand hygiene
  • Works quickly and effectively on dirt and tough soiling
  • Ideal for hand cleaning and cleaning small parts
  • Gentle lotions condition and protect your skin
  • Self-drying and resealable packet
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4 Buckets x 100 wipers = 400 IE12SE £76.40 (GBP)
6 Tubs x 70 wipes = 420 IE11STE £79.40 (GBP)

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes

Grit Wipes are a specially developed hand hygiene product used in a multitude of industries for the removal of heavy oil, ink, glue, sealants and grease etc. The hand cleaning wipes are impregnated with an advanced degreasing formula and a fresh citrus fragrance.

If you are looking for a hand cleaner to use on the go that is pre-moistened, removes heavy ingrained grime whilst still protecting your hands, then Grit Wipes hand cleaning wipes are for you. They are easy to use with a resealable tub. They leave a pleasant fresh aroma while ensuring that they are kind to your hands - the ideal product for effective hand hygiene.

For perfect hand cleaning and sanitising use Grit Wipes which are also antibacterial wipes, NOW with added protection for greater care, helping you to avoid the spread of germs.

Double the Action – Double the purpose 
The fabric is dual sided; one side is your scrub, for agitating the and the other smooth fabric for a clean wipe off.  And its not just an industrial hand cleaner but doubles as industrial cleaning wipes for use on components and other parts.

What are the benefits? 
- These wipes are created especially for industry and should not be compared with janitorial type wipes
- Dual Purpose for greater economy and ease of use
- Highly effective - quickly removes inks, dyes, grease etc. 
- Kind to your skin - gentle conditioning lotions
- Easy to use portable tub
- Resealable tub
- Antibactericildal properties - avoids to spread of infection
- Pleasant fresh natural aroma
GRIT WIPES are tough yet soft on the skin; this makes the product ideal for most light to medium hand cleaning operations, particularly where water is unavailable for regular washing.

These wipes are self drying and are essential for use in all industries such as:
 - Engineering
 - Transport
 - Construction
Used for the safe and easy removal of oils, grease, ink, paint, sealants, glue etc.  Perfect for maintenance teams to carry on individual vehicles and where any on site hand cleaning is needed.

We have a wide range of hand cleaning products, if you are unsure which one is best for you please call us on 01495 308048 and one of our experts will be happy to help talk through your hand cleaning requirements.