Mectar Citrus Solvent Degreaser & Tar Remover
  • Heavy duty safe citrus degreaser
  • Rapid action, low odour tar and glue remover
  • Controlled evaporation allowing greater contact time
  • High Flashpoint: Greater than 60oC
  • Super concentrated - giving maximum economy
  • Eco logical – contains natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic natural citrus solvent
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Pack 1 x 5 MD11B £25.95 (GBP)
Case 12 x 1 ltr MD11B £69.48 (GBP)
Case 4 x 5 Ltrs MD11B £99.80 (GBP)
Case 1 x 25 Ltrs MD11B £121.50 (GBP)
Drum 1 x 210 Ltr MD11B £977.84 (GBP)

Heavy-duty Citrus Solvent Degreaser and Tar remover

Mectar Citrus is the Best solvent cleaner & degreaser for removing tar and heavy bitumen residues ,oil,grease ,heavy grime build up and other tough stains from concrete metal components , painted and other hard surfaces.

The natural citrus degreaser formulation and blend of safe cleaning solvents quickly and easily delivers fast penetration, time and money saving compared to white spirit-based cleaners.  Mectar Citrus solvent cleaner is made from natural materials its kinder to users and the environment.
Mectar evaporates slowly to give longer contact time and contains antioxidants to stabilize it when stored or spilled. And a flash point above 60oC allows its use in many applications where other solvents aren’t permitted.
great to use for cleaning and degreasing operations including cold dip tank cleaning and soaking ,ultrasonic cleaning ,tar cleaning equipment and tools or manually to clean off metal parts and components prior to pressure washing .great for removal of protective wax coatings 
Advantages and benefits
·         Rapid degreaser action saves you time and money
-     Super concentrated citrus degreaser  for maximum economy 
·         Antioxidants stabilize Mectar in storage and if spilled
·         Natural citrus solvent cleaner with subtle, pleasant odour
·         Controlled evaporation allows greater contact time and penetration
·         Natural ingredients mean Mectar is kind to the environment and your employees
·         High flash point (>60°C) is suitable for more applications than many other solvents
Mectar Citrus is a highly effective 'sticky stuff' remover against chewing gum, glue, adhesives and many other substances. It can also be used to degrease contaminated plant and equipment.
Mectar Citrus heavy-duty degreaser is formulated for use on a wide variety of hard surfaces including painted surfaces, most metals, plastics, concrete, tooling and sealed wood. It’s an excellent engine degreaser and can even be used to pre-spot when cleaning some carpets.  
Tar removal can be a long and pain stacking task, by using Mectar Citrus you can quickly remove excess tar spillage from concrete, pavings, tools and equipment. The added benefit of our tar remover is it is safe for the user and the environment. 
Ideal for grease removal from non-bitumen hard surfaces. Oil removal is easy as the degreasing fluid is highly concentrated and penetrates quickly dispersing the oil. 
Ultrasonic Cleaning Solvent : Ideal for removing all tenacious grease up parts  ,adhesives and tar ,bitumen residues ,use Mectar ultrasonic cleaner and degreaser for all metals , glass , painted and plastic components. use cold  or warm up to 30C for quicker results
·         Natural citrus solvent cleaner with pleasant odour
·         Controlled evaporation
·         Eco-friendly natural ingredients
·         High flash point for increased safety
Let us help you choose the correct degreaser for your application call 01495 308048 or email us now  

 Safety, storage and handling
·         Antioxidants stabilize during storage.
·         Because Mectar Citrus is an all-in-one product you may be able to lower your storage costs.
For more safety, storage and handling information, please contact us.01495 308048
Buy Mectar citrus degreaser and surface cleaner online or call 01495 308 048.