Kagez 703 - Quick Drying Safe Solvent Degreaser & Cleaner
  • Highly refined solvent Degreaser and cleaner specifically formulated for use on non live electrical parts, electronic components, engine parts, bearings, gear boxes and chains
  • Safe solvent degreaser Chlorine free and non toxic
  • Suitable for use on almost all componant surfaces
  • Total evaporation - leaves no residue
  • Environmental and user friendly
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Case 1 x 205 Ltrs MD09B £967.18 (GBP)

Kagez 703 Safe Solvent Degreaser

Electrical Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser for metal parts and most plastic and rubber componants  

Kagez 703 is a highly refined degreaser and solvent cleaner is specifically formulated for use on electrical parts and electronic components, engine parts, bearings, gear boxes and chains. it is ideal for the removal of unwanted build up of contamination including flux , glue and grease residues .High safe flash point above 66 c

This degreaser effectively replaces some of the hazardous and pungent cleaning solvent found on the market today, especially those that will soon become banned. It’s suitable to use in confined spaces where traditional chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning solvents are restricted due to toxicity levels or operational or environmental reasons.
Advantages and benefits

Ideal as a parts washer cleaner solvent and ultrasonic cleaning fluid

•    Chlorine free - safe for use on many surfaces including most plastics     
•    Total evaporation leaves no residues
•    Formulation means the adhesion of primers is not affected after degreasing
•    Safe for the user – less than 1% Aromatic cleaning solvents  
•    Ecological formulation is environment- and user-friendly
•    Solvent purity enables use in nuclear power stations
•    Environmentally friendly formulation is kind to the environment and users


Kagez electrical cleaning solvent degreaser and parts washer cleaner may be used instead of other pungent solvents used in cleaning large components or where solvent-vapour production may be harmful .Ideal for degreasing in dip tanks and ultrasonic bath cleaner systems
It’s also a highly efficient parts washer that removes the following and more:
•    Most oils and greases
•    Dust and grime build up
•    Tar & bitumin deposits
•    Glues and flux
•    Some waxes
•    Sticky label residues 

Kagez 703 evaporates leaving no film and can be used safely as a degreaser on most plastics and painted surfaces including these:
•    Chlorinated rubber finishes (to remove silicon from mouldings)
•    Degreasing all ferrous and non-ferrous metals before painting.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solvent : Ideal for removing all tenaciuos grease up parts  ,adhesives and light tar ,bitumen residues ,use Kagez 703 ultrasonic cleaner fluid and degreaser for all metals , glass , painted plastic and most rubber components. use cold  or warm up to 45C for quicker results 

Kagez is chlorine free, parts safe degreaser solvent for use on many metal, plastic and painted surfaces. It is residue-free and safe for the environment and users.

Let us help you choose the correct degreaser for your application call 01495 308048 or email us now:  sales@apt-icc..co.uk   

Safety, storage and handling
Because Kagez 703 solvent degreaser is an all-in-one product you may be able to lower your storage costs.

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