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Galvanising Paint, Zinc Galvanizing, Cold Galvanizing Spray First Order Half Price
Galvanising Paint, Zinc Galvanizing, Cold Galvanizing Spray

Resin based, high content aluminium and zinc rich galvanising paint

  • Superior galvanized paint used on a variety of metals throughout industry
  • Versatile - Use galvanised paint on all types of metals
  • Effective galvanising - Protects all iron and steel equipment from corrosion
  • Convenient - easy to use with a portable can
  • Efficient - High build primer for most finishes
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Case 12 x 400 ml M26A £46.71 (GBP)

Alu-Galv is a Premium Galvanised Paint & Coating

Alu-Galv will Protect, Prevent and Reduce Corrosion. It is an excellent high build galvanising paint coating for use on finished parts. Alu galvanising spray can be welded through to enable further finishes and processing to be carried out.

Alu-Galv is ideal for use to protect all types of metals in;- production, maintenance, welding and construction where zinc galvanizing is essential.

As a superior galvanising paint it will protect all iron and steel, industrial equipment, piping ducts, structural works, water tanks, automotive and marine parts, welding on both bare metal or previously galvanised surfaces.  

A specially formulated galvanising spray used for all types of marred, hot and galvanised surfaces as a protective coating which can be painted or enable further processing to be carried out.

Features of Zinc Galvanising Spray 

  • Protects all iron and steel equipment from corrosion 
  • High Build Primer for most finishes
  • High content aluminiu
  • Superior quality - used throughout the UK 
  • Used on al types of metals
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