Food Grade Lubricant (Aerosol) First Order Half Price
Food Grade Lubricant (Aerosol)
  • Food safe lubricant based on vegetable oils
  • For use in all areas where food is being either manufactured, prepared or involved in or where accidental contact may occur
  • Non-toxic, safe to use in all areas and meets FDA standards for all types of the food and drinks industries and edible product production
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case 12 x 400 ml M04A £64.91 (GBP)

One of the most effective food-grade lubricants

APT FOODLUBE aerosol is an easy-to-use, food-grade mineral oil lubricant based on vegetable oils. You can use it wherever food is being manufactured, prepared or used – or where there could be accidental contact with food.

FOODLUBE is completely non-toxic and safe to use anywhere. Naturally, it meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for all types of food and drink industry and edible product production. FOODLUBE is a high grade lubricant for maintenance applications on food-plant equipment requiring lubrication of moving parts. 
Advantages and benefits
·         An odourless non-tainting food-grade mineral oil
·         Safe - Solvent free
·         Effective over a wide temperature range
·         Convenient aerosol container is easy to use
·         Effective lubrication and protection
·         Colourless and food safe, pure and non-staining
This food-grade mineral oil is effective over a wide range of temperatures for regular maintenance and lubrication to reduce wear and possible down time on equipment such as the following:
·         Cams
·         Rollers
·         Chains
·         Sprockets
·         Guide rails
·         Slideways.
·         Vegetable based
·         Colourless
·         Non-staining
·         Food safe
·         Meets FDA standards
Safety, storage and handling
For safety, storage and handling information, please contact us.
Buy aerosol FOODLUBE food-grade mineral oil online or call 01495 308 048.