Fogger Disinfectant First Order Half Price
Fogger Disinfectant Ideal for All fogging machines
Fast and effective room sanitation
Instant killing Power
Kills 99.99% of enveloped viruses
Safe to use and more effective than bleach
No Special handling storage or disposal issues
Suitable for use in all environments even catering
Not classed as corrosive or flammable
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HPC 4x5 Litres ANTIVIRDIS-HPC-4x5L £62.78 (GBP)
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HPC 25 Litres ANTIVIRDIS-HPC-25LTR £94.50 (GBP) £72.50 (GBP)
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HPC 200 Litres ANTIVIRDIS-HPC-200LTR £741.00 (GBP)
HPC1000 Litres ANTIVIRDIS-HPC-1000LTR £3,600.00 (GBP)
HPC 1000 L- Deposit £130 charge on IBC ANTIVIRDIS-HPC-1000LTR-D £130.00 (GBP)

Fogger Machine Disinfectant


Antiviral Sanitiser

HPC is a ready to use fogging machine disinfectant that kills 99.99% of harmful viral and bacterial organisums fast. It conforms to BS EN1276, BS EN13697 and BS EN14476. standards to give you confidence of effective cleaning power.

Anti viral sanitiser are ideal for all fogging machines to quickly dispense micro particles on to the surfaces and in the air to kill off harmful viral and bacterial infectious and harmful organisms.

It is a scientifically designed product for use in all Commercial Business users, NHS, Healthcare Professions, Clinics and also Local Authorities, Property Lets, Caravan parks, Sports and Leisure Facilities.

A specially formulated fogging machine disinfectant is safe to use in food processing industries.


Fogger Machine Chemical

HPC is used to sanitise all hard and soft surfaces, including most fabrics. It contains high quality eco-friendly ingredients to comply with the current European regulations concerning biodegradability.

This fogger disinfectant is effective against enveloped viruses thus ensuring your safety in use.


Fogger Machine Disinfectant

1000's of organisations are now using HPC as their fogging machine disinfectant to decontaminate rooms and spaces as being effective against an enveloped virus like Covid-19. Use straight from the fogger machine to sanitise all surfaces.


Anti Viral Disinfectant

This fogging machine chemical can also be used as a ready to use surface antiviral disinfectant and sanitiser to kill a range of viruses and pathogens in less than five minutes contact time. Safe to use on desks, kitchen worktops, handles, trolleys to name a few areas. You can also use it for disinfecting telephones, keypads. mobile phones - simply spray the hpc  onto a clean paper towel and then wipe the surface, leave for 5 minutes.

 Food Safe - Low Odour - Free-Rinsing
 Cleans, Disinfects - Sanitises
 Antiviral Disinfectant is much safer to use than harsh biocides
 Kills Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria


Anti Viral Spray

For more information on HPC Fogger Machine Chemical or Fogging Machines and their use, please contact us on 01495 308048 to speak to our fully trained staff.