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High Temperature Grease

Synthetic lubricant containing pure aluminium powder

  • Reduces friction and distortion for a wide range of heavy industrial applications
  • Excellent stability, especially in high temperatures
  • Lubricates mechanical hinges and contact parts, eliminating speaks and reducing wear
  • Salt water resistant providing a long lasting protective coating
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Case 12 x 400 ml MO1A £59.37 (GBP)

A High Temperature Grease and Industrial Lubricant Ideal for Use in the Engineering Industry

This industrial lubricant forms anti-sieze contact which provides an excellent surface where heat has been present up to 500 oC and where a release is required for dismantling or maintenance.
Alico is a synthetic grease which gives release to studs, bolts, gaskets, fittings, boiler fittings and assemblies, compressor and engine cylinder heads, exhaust fittings and manifolds.
Alico Grease prevents further corrosion, penetrates and frees nuts, bolts and moving parts.
Alico Grease is ideal for use in engineering applications and also for marine use as it is also salt water resistant enabling easier maintenance on effected parts whilst providing a long lasting protective coating.

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