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Ultramax OPT UltraMax OPT ultra heavy duty concentrated ultrasonic cleaner and degreaser fluid. Caustic based low foam formula for all heavy-duty metal cleaning and degreasing tasks in the munitions, transport, industrial manufacturing, servicing and re-manufacturing sectors.
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 Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid - OPT

Ultramax OPT Heavy duty Ultrasonic cleaner fluid and degreaser suitable for all your industrial cleaning and degreasing tasks. Ultramax OPT is used for the most difficult jobs associated with the cleaning and degreasing of heavily soiled parts and components' with hardened carbon, fatty and greasy deposits.

UltramaX OPT contains special anti corrosion prevention ingredients' and is safe for most metals and component parts washer cleaner, spray wash systems and ultrasonic cleaning processes to clean away unwanted build up and residues including most pre applied protective coatings from mild steels, stainless steel, most plastics, nylons. 

Use in ultrasonic cleaning tanks and spray parts washer systems to quickly and effectively clean and degrease parts and components to remove metal working compound residues, oil and light storage wax protective coating residues found in aerospace, shipping, industrial manufacturing and transport industries.

Fast acting: Use to safely remove heavy soiling found in engineering compounds including oil and greasy residues, food stuff and fatty residues, inks and dyes, wax, flux and metal working residues found drilling, grinding, polishing and lapping residues processes, ultrasonic bath cleaning is the best degreasing and cleaning solution for glass, steel, metals, ceramics, most plastics, manufactured parts and Components, Safe friendly low foam formula.

  • Highly concentrated With built in corrosion protection

  • low foam effective formula

  • Fast acting ingredients for thorough Cleaning

  • Always check by carrying out sample test first

Do not use on aluminum, magnesium zinc or their alloys or on galvanized steel. See our other ultrasonic cleaning fluid UltramaX MET, safe aluminum cleaner. try apts UltraMax MET

Application: Ultrasonic cleaning bath

Dilute in the ultrasonic bath 2- 8% or 2 parts solution to and leave to work between 2 to 8 minute cycles.

If heated tank the temperatures up to 55 ºC is optimal. 

Do not allow dry-on component surface to avoid this, the wash cycle must be followed immediately by a freshwater rinse.

  • Dilute 100 parts water lighter cleaning tasks

  • Dilute 50 parts water for medium cleaning tasks

  • Dilute 20 parts water for heavy duty cleaning tasks

Application: Spray washer parts cleaner

Dilute in the ultrasonic bath 1-2% or 1 part solution to and leave to work between 2 to 8 minute cycles Use heated at temperatures of between 60-80ºC. For optimal results.

We stock a full range of ultrasonic cleaning fluids and parts cleaner solutions to suit every application and ultrasonic bath.

Let us help you choose the best ultrasonic cleaning solution for all you cleaning and degreasing operations.

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