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Ultramax KSOL UltraMax KSOL is a versatile and safe, non-toxic, ultrasonic cleaning fluid and safe solvent degreaser with an eco-friendly, hydrocarbon free formula. Ultramax KSOL cleaning solvent will evaporate completely without leaving any residue is suitable for degreasing all metals, plastics and rubber based items and most electrical components including printed circuit boards. Used for wide variety of ultrasonic baths for degreasing tasks in the medical, munitions, transport, industrial manufacturing, servicing and re-manufacturing sectors. It Quickly removes all oils greases ,inks ,dyes ,light waxes, flux and other unwanted sticky residues or coatings. Flash point is above 66 oC.
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What is Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid - Solvent ?

Ultramax KSOL is the best non-toxic, virtually odour-free, refined ultrasonic cleaning solvent and degreaser is ideal for all ultrasonic cleaning processes. It can be used for cleaning all metal components including aluminium.

What does  Ultrasonic Cleaner Solvent do?

Ultramax KSOL safely removes build up of unwanted surface contaminants from all metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, nylon, rubber, non-live electrical components and pcb ultrasonic cleaning. It safely removes flux and wax residues as well as carbon deposits.

Use in ultrasonic cleaning tanks and parts washers to quickly and effectively clean, degrease and de-carbonise metal parts and components. This ultrasonic solvent degreaser removes:

  • oil and greasy residues
  • food stuff and fatty residues
  • inks and dyes
  • light waxcoatings
  • flux and metal working residues

Where is Ultramax KSOL used?

It is widely used in highly sensitive aerospace applications, laboratories, medical establishments, printed circuit board ultrasonic cleaning as well as plant and equipment manufacturing and transport industries.

This ultrasonic solvent cleaner is virtually odourless and an ideal degreaser for use in restricted spaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly refined solvent formulation will not damage your sensitive equipment or components
  • Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons and is not classified as flammable, (flash point 66°C) and can therefore be used in restricted areas
  • Widely approved for sensitive aerospace applications and pcb cleaning
  • Fast drying so perfect for inspection and surface preparation situations
  • Ultramax KSOL evaporates 100% to allow for further processing and applied coatings without the need for more preparation, saving you time and money
  • Non Toxic, reducing the need for complex safety equipment
  • Fast acting so that cleaning time is short, can be used hot for even shorter cleaning times
  • Versatile so it will reduce the number of products that you need to buy and store

How can I clean pcb's in an ultrasonic parts washer?

Place items in bath solution and leave to work on 2 to 8 minute cycles.

If heated, temperatures up to 50oC are optimal - flash point is 66oC.   

Spray washer parts cleaner - as above

We stock a full range of ultrasonic cleaning solvents, not just this one. Buy your Ultramax KSOL online now or talk to us to help you choose the best ultrasonic cleaning solution for all your cleaning and degreasing operations. 

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APT ultrasonic cleaning solvent is packed in: 5 litre containers, 4x5 litre cases, 25 litre drums and 210 litre barrels.