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Ultramax CTRU A non-toxic, safe citrus solvent degreaser for fast removal of all adhesives, glues, heavy tars, bitumen and asphalt residues when you require the best ultrasonic cleaning fluid ,solvent degreaser and parts washer cleaner . It can be used on a wide range of materials including all metals and most plastics. Our Safe non toxic special formulation citrus solvent degreaser can be used in all ultrasonic cleaning tanks cold with no need for heating . Used in the medical, munitions, shipping, transport, industrial manufacturing, servicing and re-manufacturing sectors.
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Case 1 x 5 Ltrs £27.85 (GBP)
Case 4 x 5 Ltrs £107.60 (GBP)
Case 1 x 25 Ltrs £132.01 (GBP)
Case 1 x 205 Ltrs £1,028.00 (GBP)

 What is Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid - Citrus Solvent Cleaner?

Ultramax CTRU is the best safe non-toxic citrus solvent degreaser formulated for use in all ultrasonic parts cleaners. It can be used to clean a wide variety of items made from aluminium and alloyed metals,  glass, ceramics, and plastics. It safely removes unwanted wax residues, bitumen, tars, glues, adhesives and some silicones.

Where can I use UltraMax CTRU citrus solvent?

This ultrasonic degreaser is perfect for use in ultrasonic cleaning tanks and parts cleaners where it will quickly and effectively clean and degrease parts and components.

In medical and laboratory applications, it is used to remove many surface contaminants, leaving instruments and equipment perfectly clean.

It will remove any metal working residues and hard to remove industrial processing deposits, asphalt, oils, all grease types and most protective hardened bitumen and wax coatings.

This ultrasonic degreaser is the best for breaking down and quickly emulsifying heavy grease and oils. It can be used safely in confined spaces to remove unwanted organic residues.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly refined citrus solvent degreaser making it effective for removal of a wide range of surface contaminants. This reduces the number of different products you need to buy and store and leads to less staff confusion about which product they need to use
  • Non-toxic formula reduces the need to buy and install complex solvent handling systems
  • Fast acting ingredients to cut through the heaviest grease deposits swiftly ensuring that the minimum time possible is spent on cleaning. Can be used heated for even faster results
  • Safe eco friendly no-foam formula to ensure efficient cleaning

How can I clean components and medical instruments in ultrasonic parts cleaners?

Place contaminated items in bath solution and leave to work on 2 to 8 minute cycles.

If heated, temperatures up to 38oC are optimal  (flash point over 55oC).

We stock a full range of ultrasonic cleaning fluids and parts cleaner solutions to suit every application and ultrasonic bath. Let us help you choose the best ultrasonic cleaning solution for all your cleaning and degreasing operations.

Buy your citrus based solvent degreaser online now or talk to our team of specialists on 01495 308048 or email us at

APT Ultrasonic degreasers are packed in - 5 litres, 4x5 litre cases, 25 litre drums and 205 litre barrels.