Food Grade Safe Lubricant First Order Half Price
Food Grade Safe Lubricant
  • Food safe lubricant
  • Advanced blend of refined odourless and colourless food grade lubricanting oils
  • High stability to To lubricate and protect equipment and moving parts in the food and engineering industries
  • Effective at low temperature i.e. in cold store
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 One of the best food-grade lubricants available

APT Food  safe Lubricating  is an easy-to-use, food-grade edible oil lubricant You can use it as part of your regular lubricating maintenance routines to spray and lubricate machinery and moving parts wherever food is being processed or manufactured. Food lube spray meets NSF national food safety standard requirements and therefore can be used safely in food processing, food handling and storage areas. Food safe lube is safe to use in beverage, brewing production plants and medical component manufacturing or service re manufacturing
use food grade lubricant for use on:

Cables, conveyors, chains, cams, castors, hinge, bearings and pins.

Key Features:

Multipurpose machinery Food grade lubricant

Lubricates, penetrates, prevents rust and corrosion
food grade lube contains edible oils
Tasteless , non staining odour free formula
fully biodegradable, non toxic,

Safe for use where incidental contact with food may occur
wide Temperature range -20ºC to 110ºC
Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free aerosol


Food safe lube is water and chemical resistant and has a good temperature range to remain stable in harsh processing environments , it is exceptional versatile and protects and extends the life of machine parts .use food safe lubricating oil to help reduced where on moving parts . food lube penetrates quickly and displaces moisture and is compatible with most material found in medical , pharmaceutical ,catering and food processing plants
This food-grade mineral oil is effective over a wide range of temperatures for regular maintenance and lubrication to reduce wear and possible down time

Non staining formula allows for use within the funishings and rag trades manufacturing.


Applications apply through food safe sprayer or auto lubricating dosing system

·         ·         Cams, Rollers and Chains

·         ·         Sprockets and Guide rails

·         ·         Sideways ,Conveyors and Rollers

·         ·         Roll out tables and Finishing lines

·         ·         Metal sliding components

·         ·         Plastic and nylon sliding and other moving components


·         Properties


·         ·         Vegetable based

·         ·         Colourless

·         ·         Non-staining

·         ·         Food safe

·         ·         Meets FDA and NSF standards


Typical dilutions - not applicable

How to lubricate food machinery

First ensure a clean dry surface either clean off existing lubricating fluid or lubricant grease with a food safe degreaser such magnaclean bactericidal or for heavy grease use MICROTEC 41/80 solvent degreaser 

Apply a degreaser solution to the surface by brushing or spraying. Allow a contact time, agitate if necessary rinse flush or wipe with clean cloth .apply dry lube to the surface try not to over spray. Leave to dry and continue operation .for re application follow the same process

For more information on how to clean, degrease or lubricate surface in industrial manufacturing process please call one of our specialist who can guide and help you with choosing the right degreaser for your application .you could save of costs and down time for the future  

Email us with your questions to or call us now on 01495 308048  #foodsafelube

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