Thawout Professional De-Icer Aerosol
  • For rapid de-icing of windscreens
  • Removes thick ice fast even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Used by front line emergency services
  • Contains extra anti-freezing agent to prevent refreezing
  • Water free pure solvent formula
  • Also used on locks, hinges and sliding gears
  • Request an MSDS
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    12x400ml Aerosol £68.98 (GBP) £62.49 (GBP)

    Thawout Professional De Icer - Aerosol 

    Thawout De-Icer is a professional high quality deicing product used in sub zero temperatures.

    This water free pure de icer formula is made from special scientific blend of rich solvents to rapidly deice a wide range of areas, including  windscreens, locks, hinges, sliding gears and other difficult parts.

    Thawout contains extra anti-freezing ingredients to prevent re-freezing. This deicing product is a smear free allowing you to spray, windscreen wipe and go.

    Thawout is part of APT`s professional range of winter products and is regularly used for deicing by main front line emergency services, highway agencies, haulage contractors, van delivery fleets,  bus companies, motor pools and public authorities to ensure reliability for clear, smear free screens in strong winter spells.

    How to use De icer

    For rapid ice removal simply clear screen of all loose or heavy snow build up with a soft brush exposing the ice, spray the deicer liberally onto the screen and allow to work for up to a minute. Repeat this process if required.

    For apt professional winter screen wash - click link below


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