Instant High Strength Super Glue First Order Half Price
Instant High Strength Super Glue
  • High strength, quick grab bonding
  • Designed to bond in all situations
  • No need for a clean, dry surface
  • Long lasting, reducing wastage factor
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Fusion 2000 Instant Superglue

FUSION 2000 Instant Superglue (Ethyl Cyanocrylate) is a medium to low viscosity cyanoacrylate that is used for a variety of bonding applications, but is ideally suited for bonding plastics and rubber to themselves or various combinations. FUSION 2000 is uniquely formulated to bond to oily or porous surfaces. It is designed to work where other adhesives fail.

FUSION 2000 can be used for the general purpose bonding of plastics, nameplates to equipment (plastic), and thread termination on bookbindings. Recommended for use on small gaps or relatively smooth even surfaces. FUSION 2000 is truly universal and will bond brass, copper, porcelain, steel, plastics, rubbers, ceramics, metals, woods, veneers, glass, leather, cork, cardboard, fabric and vinyl. FUSION 2000 apart from being a superb adhesive will also solve; thread locking i.e nuts, metals, fasteners, screws, and bolts. It will seal porous die castings, retaining problems and sealing i.e. hydraulic and pneumatic connections, pipe threads, joints and locks.