Teflube - One Shot PTFE Lubricant First Order Half Price
Teflube - One Shot PTFE Lubricant
  • New generation of scientifically designed dry lubricant
  • Touch dry in under 1 minute
  • Use at high temperatures where release is critical
  • Request an MSDS
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    Case 12 x 400ml M34A £89.98 (GBP)

    Teflube One-Shot PTFE Lubricant

    APT Teflube PTFE lubricant is specially formulated for the food manufacturing industry. It represents the best of new generation, high performance, scientifically-designed food-grade lubricant products.

    Teflube is ideal when you need quick-dry film lubricant and conventional oil or grease based lubricants aren’t viable due to the manufacturing environment. As well as its other advantages, Teflube lets you avoid the throw off and dust attraction associated with oil- and grease-based products. 
    You’ll find Teflube ideal if you’re in the mouldings, furniture, rubber, metal or food processing industries – especially when release is critical at high temperatures and adverse wet conditions cause problems.
    Advantages and benefits
    ·         A convenient, effective, one-shot PTFE lubricant
    ·         Food-safe if incidental contact occurs
    ·         Excellent anti-stick properties save time
    ·         Wide operating-temperature range (20ºC–270ºC) suits your processes
    ·         Very clean in use and doesn’t attract dirt – reduces housekeeping
    ·         Compatible with most materials
    ·         Fast drying (less than one minute)
    ·         Long-lasting non-toxic dry film protects against wear for longer
    ·         Suitability for lubrication and release in a wide range of industries 
    The lubricating uses for Teflube are almost unlimited and include these:
    ·         Conveyors
    ·         Roll out tables
    ·         Metal components
    ·         Plastic components
    ·         Mouldings (engineering, aviation, marine, woodworking and furniture)
    ·         New generation scientifically designed PTFE lubricant
    ·         Suitable for use at high temperatures
    ·         Highly dilutable concentrated formula
    Safety, storage and handling
    Because Teflube is an all-in-one product you may be able to lower your storage costs.
    For more safety, storage and handling information, please contact us.
     Buy Teflube one-shot PTFE lubricant online now or call 01495 308 048.