Citrus Solvent Degreaser, Glue Remover & Adhesive Remover
  • Natural safe citrus solvent cleaner - heavy duty degreaser
  • Fast-acting - Grease, glue & tar remover
  • Effective parts washer cleaner and degreaser
  • Non-toxic - Safe flashpoint of over 55c
  • Quickly dissolves deposits from all metals & paintwork
  • Environmentally friendly - biodegradable
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12X1 LTR MD11B £69.80 (GBP)
2x5 LTR MD11B £46.50 (GBP)
4X5 LTR MD11B £86.80 (GBP)
1x25 LTR MD11B £105.50 (GBP)
4x25 LTR MD11B £383.40 (GBP)

Heavy Duty Citrus Solvent Degreaser

Citrus RTU is a heavy duty degreaser that removes the most tenacious grease and foul deposits found in heavy engineering, road maintenance and waste refuse. It is one of the best degreasers and solvent cleaners on the market today. 

Citrus RTU is a unique citrus solvent degreaser and adhesive and glue remover

It is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to some of the more hazardous and highly flammable degreasers currently in use.

Citrus RTU is a fast acting solvent cleaner and adhesive remover that penetrates and dissolves all heavy grease, oils and glues quickly and safely. 

Citrus RTU citrus cleaner and industrial degreaser contains a concentrated blend of degreasing agents, solvents and biodegradable emulsifiers in addition to anti-oxidants, which stabilises the product. Ecological - free from chlorine and other hazardous solvents. 

Having problems removing tar from paintwork? ....then Citrus RTU degreasing solvent cleaner is the ideal tar remover. It is highly effective for tar removal splashes on curb stones and concrete.  

Use in a parts washer to clean and degrease all metals, tools and parts. Safe to use as a parts cleaner - why 'safe'? Because it is non-toxic and has a flash point of over 55c meaning it has a low flammability. Parts-washer-safe solvents can be used in all parts washers including our own newly designed parts cleaning unit. This cleans and filters the parts cleaner fluid therefore giving extended life to the degreaser.  
This solvent cleaner is extensively used throughout the engineering and transport industry as a cleaner and degreasing fluid for: 
- Machinery
- Vehicles
- Gearboxes
- Chains and Wire Ropes
- Engines
- Heavy Plant
- Workshop Floors

And also...
Animal by product establishments also use this citrus degreaser for removing fats and greases from process machines, vehicles, chutes, skips, etc.

Buy your citrus degreaser online now or call our experts at APT on 01495 308048 for further information, we're always happy to help.