Fast Drying Safe Solvent Cleaner
  • Microtec Fast evaporating solvent cleaner
  • A Safe industral Solvent degreaser to remove all greases, oils, inks, glues, adhesives and waxes & sticky residues
  • Fast 100% evaporating formula where quick drying time is paramount
  • Non toxic with virtually no odour
  • Request an MSDS
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    Pack 2 x 5 Ltrs MD32BMICROTEC10L £88.50 (GBP)
    Case 12 x 750 ml spray pack MD32B-750 £99.80 (GBP)
    Case 4 x 5 Ltrs MD32B £173.00 (GBP)
    Case 1 x 25 Ltrs MD32B £211.92 (GBP)
    Drum 1 x 210 Ltrs MD32B £1,743.84 (GBP)

    Solvent Cleaner

    Microtec is a highly refined safety solvent cleaner, degreaser

    The ideal fast drying safe solvent cleaner and degreaser for a wide range of specialist industrial applications. Used in aerospace, engineering, transport and manufacturing to degrease and clean - all metal parts, most plastic, non-live electrical components and boards. Safe for use in confined spaces with no toxic fumes or odours. 

    The Best Solvent cleaner and degreaser 

    Microtec 4180 is perfect for degreasing components in dip tanks, ultrasonic cleaning and manual degreasing.

    Now also available in 750 ml trigger packs for engineering on site cleaning work . Its great to flush and degrease difficult to reach areas 

    Degreasing fluid 

    You can use Microtec degreasing solvent with confidence to remove all greases, oils, flux, inks, glues, tars, adhesives, waxes and most other unwanted residues including sticky labels.

    Microtec 41-80 degreaser is a non-residual cleaner which evaporates 100% making it the product of choice for engineering pre-inspection work or pre-coating treatments.
    This versatile degreaser spray replaces many hazardous solvents.

    Fast evaporating solvent cleaner 

    Advantages and benefits
    ·         Fast-evaporating none-residual formula
    ·         A safe, user friendly solvent cleaner
    ·         Ecological – replaces hazardous solvents
    ·         Versatile – use in a wide range of applications
    Microtec 41-80 can be safely used on many different surfaces and metal components found in the engineering, aerospace and electronics industries. It's ideal for degreasing and cleaning the following:
    Ultrasonic Cleaning Solvent : Ideal for removing all tenacious grease up parts  ,flux adhesives and tar ,bitumen residues ,use Kagez 703 ultrasonic cleaner and degreaser use cold  to clean
    ·         All metals 
    ·         Engineering parts
    ·         Plastics
         Non live electrical components
    ·         Painted surfaces (including chlorinated rubber)
    NOTE: you can use Microtec solvent cleaner non-live electronic parts and components – or as a pre-treatment cleaner where subsequent coatings need to be applied later.
    ·         Virtually odours-free
    ·         Non-toxic
    ·         High flash point
    ·         Non-residual
    For more information on all our specialist degreaser range, please call or email us now and let us help you choose the right product for your application.
    EMAIL : or call 01495 308 048.