Sodakleen - Highly Concentrated Degreaser
  • Powerful metal cleaner and degreaser
  • Quickly cleans and degreases the toughest grease and baked on carbon build up . Used in industrial cleaning of commercial kitchen cleaner and degreaser tasks
  • Can be used hot or cold when diluted
  • Extremely fast acting degreaser
  • Can be used in spray wash machines, dip tanks, spray washer’s and in in food processing applications
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Sodakleen Highly Concentrated Oven Cleaner & Degreaser

Sodakleen is a high quality oven cleaner and degreaser for stainless steel catering equipment. It’s a highly concentrated, dilutable, powerful metal cleaner that rapidly removes all hardened, baked-on greases, food residues, carbon deposits and other tenacious coatings  .

Sodakleen oven cleaner is also ideal when you need to remove build up from catering equipment and metal components in food processing and industrial manufacturing.
Sodakleen quickly cleans and degreases during the toughest industrial cleaning tasks. Use it hot or cold with confidence: it’s effective and extremely fast acting with spray machines, dip tanks, spray washers, floor scrubbers or Cleaning in Place (CIP) processing applications.
Advantages and benefits
·         Designed for use as a stainless steel cleaner
·         Low-foaming action suits CIP and automatic cleaning systems
·         Saves you time on the toughest cleaning operations
·         Dilutable and highly concentrated – to save money
·         Versatility – in CIP and automatic systems as well as manual cleaning.
Sodakleen stainless steel cleaner is particularly effective at temperatures between 80 and 90°C and when used in spray cabinet wash machines, tunnel washers or dip tanks.
It’s perfect for the toughest challenges you’ll meet as a kitchen cleaner, including:
·         Cleaning smoke ovens
·         Degreasing pipelines
·         Tanks
·         Stainless steel deep fat fryers
·         All frying equipment
·         Low-foaming action
·         Suitable for hot or cold use.
The best way and "How to clean an oven"
the easiest and best way is to always clean the oven is straight after use while cooling down using our specialised product concentrated Mangnaclean bactericidal diluted with clean water 25 parts  , simple spray on and wipe off whilst the oven is cooling down still warm using a green pad for any stubborn residues
This is a safe method that can also be done on a fairly frequent cleaning ovens process i.e. weekly by warming the oven first  
For heavy duty oven cleaning products used to safely and quickly remove more hardened grime, food staining and heavy baked on food greases
You require one of apt other oven cleaners products either Gladiator gel oven cleaner or soda lean specially developed to clean ovens and degrease industrial kitchen apparatus
These oven cleaning products are packed with emulsifiers and other complex ingredients to effectively remove soiling and to safely clean ovens to suite the user’s process
The strong alkaline oven cleaners will rapidly strip and clean ovens without any strong nasty fumes
medium duty oven cleaning -semi industrial busy kitchens a convenient aerosol pack gladiator spray oven cleaner available this effective foaming formula used for incorporates just a small amount of oven decarbonise action to frequently clean hard to reach grime on kitchen components
Call for our free industrial kitchen cleaner programme and see how many products you don’t need to clean degrease and sanitise your kitchen
Buy Sodakleen online now or call 01495 308 048.
Should you require commercial kitchen cleaning then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you in that area, please take a look at their website for more information -