Wipeout Graffiti Remover Spray - Plastic Safe Aerosol
  • Superior advanced graffiti remover for use on ALL surfaces
  • Rapidly removes the most tenacious graffiti
  • Easy to use - saves time and effort
  • Safe non-toxic formula
  • Special control speed of reaction
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Case 12 x 400 ml M16A £65.78 (GBP)

Wipeout Graffiti Removal Products in Aerosol  

A New Generation of Graffiti Remover Products - For Use On All Surfaces  

Wipe-out is a commercial grade graffiti remover for use on ALL surfaces, especially those that are sensitive to solvents such as plastics and polypropylene. It has a special control speed of reaction for greater graffiti cleaning. It removes the most tenacious graffiti including aerosol paint, new age markers and crayon waxes, it will also remove adhesive labels. 

Wipe-Off graffiti removal spray is designed for  simple and convenient use clean graffiti  from all hard surfaces without any special tools, training or equipment. This is an ideal graffiti removal solution for use on both porous and non-porous surfaces. 


It is a fast acting, viscous formula perfect to clean graffiti from vertical surfaces. The viscous formula clings to the surface and allows longer contact time to remove graffiti that is aged or stubborn. 

Recommended and used on highway structures in South Wales by the Swetra Highways Agency. 


How to remove graffiti easily...

Spray Wipe-out graffiti cleaner aerosol onto the affected surface, the graffiti cleaner will cover and adhere to the graffiti, breaking down the and dissolve the unwanted particles.  Leave to work up to 15 minutes, checking activity, then remove by wiping and rinsing. For larger areas use a pressure washer or water hose.  For removing graffiti that is aged you may need to apply a second coat.  

Hints and Tips - Chose one of APT's specialised graffiti removal products applicable to the job in hand. Always check the base surface material to decide if you need a solvent or non-solvent graffiti cleaner. If unsure do contact our graffiti cleaning experts, who are only too happy to help. 

Advantages and benefits

Special safe formula for removing graffiti from all surfaces 

Spray format for accurate application  

A fast acting graffiti removal spray

NEW advanced formula - even removes new modern markers 

Safe non-toxic formula - safe in confined spaces 

Easy to apply - easy to wash off with water

Rapidly removes unwanted coatings 



Wipeout Aerosol is used throughout the UK to clean graffiti found in bus shelters, bins, schools, car parks, colleges, toilets, signage ect

Used by councils, highway departments, educational authorities, housing associations, transport companies and the like. 

It has a non toxic formula for commercial and professional use and is used to clean graffiti from spray paints, paints, felt pens, new age markers and wax crayons. 

Wipeout is an easy to use application which quickly dissolves graffiti from internal and external hard surfaces .

For more information on our specialised graffiti cleaning products call our experts today on 01495 308048. We offer a range of graffiti removal chemicals  for you to choose from http://aptcleaningsupplies.co.uk/category/102-graffiti-cleaners.aspx


Don't want to tackle the job yourself, then call our commercial graffiti removers -  take a look at their website for more information - http://www.apt-icc.co.uk/GraffitiRemoval.aspx