Aqueous Degreaser and Hard Surface Cleaner

The Most Reliable, Industrial Concentrated Degreaser, Hard Surface Cleaner

  • Just 5 litres makes over 500 liters of powerful degreaser
  • Food safe cleaning and degreasing formula
  • Only one product for all cleaning operations
  • For fast removal of stubborn grease, oil and grime
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% water soluble, leaves no film
  • Request an MSDS
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    Per 5 Ltr HSC07B £22.97 (GBP)
    4x5 ltr Free delivery £88.80 (GBP) £84.88 (GBP)
    1X 25 Ltr Free delivery HSC07B25 £101.64 (GBP)
    1x210 Ltr Free delivery HSC07B £815.97 (GBP) £797.77 (GBP)

    Highly Concentrated Aqueous Degreaser and Hard Surface Cleaner 

    Powermax is a highly effective surface cleaner & industrial water based degreaser. Formulated with powerful blend of emulsifying agents to deal with tough ingrained dirt and grime to leave an impeccable finish. 

    Powermax is unbeaten in the removal of carbon build up and most food residues. It has a water based formula which contains corrosion inhibitors and a water softening agent to ensure safety and efficiency in use.  

    A highly concentrated safe surface cleaner & degreaser for all industrial cleaning operations in engineering plants, transport and janitorial industries.

    Engineering Industry: Powermax is an ultra versatile aqueous degreasing agent ideal to use in shipyards, heavy industry, railways, machine shops, car plants, printing works, steel works, hospital authorities etc. It easily removes grease, oil, stains and dirt from equipment i.e.. lathes, saws, compressors, motors, chassis, floors, walls, air filter systems and conveyors.   

    Industrial factory: It removes fats, engineering oils, ingrained grime and dirt from all surfaces and extraction equipment. Used on tiles, walls, work surfaces and floors, making Powermax an essential part of your deep cleaning supplies.    

    Transport: Valeting - cleans fabrics & upholstery, vinyl door panels, bumpers, alloy wheels, wheel trims, engine compartments, chassis, garage floors & equipment. Ideal for cleaning road signs, chevrons, traffic lights and traffic cones etc.   

    Janitorial: Powermax for the efficient removal of grease, ink, nicotine, mildew grime ,blood residues and dirt build up.

    Can be used in a variety of cleaning methods and applications including industrial floor scrubbers, pressure washers, spray cleaning equipment, mopping and hand spray wipe cleaning due to its low foam formula.

    Ultrasonic cleaning: Ideal free rinsing ultrasonic cleaner and degreaser for most metal , glass and plastic components. Dilute with up to 100 part water for most ultrasonic cleaning operations to achieve maximum results 

    Parts washer: Powermax is used in parts washer machines throughout engineering plants as the perfect low foaming water based degreaser. 

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