Industrial Citrus Degreaser & Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Heavy-duty citrus degreaser
  • Part of our super concentrated degreaser range just 1 litre - makes over 500 litres of cleaning & degreasing solution
  • Latest breakthrough in cleaning technology with active degreasing agents for maximum cleaning power
  • Contains unrivalled formula of naturally derived citrus products
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to use on a wide range of surfaces
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Pack 2 x 5 Ltrs HSC14B £49.20 (GBP)
Case 4 x 5 Ltrs HSC14B £98.60 (GBP) £96.77 (GBP)
Case 1 x 25 Ltrs HSC14B £111.75 (GBP)
Case 1 x 210 Ltrs HSC14B £1,024.10 (GBP)

Citrus Degreaser 

Heavy-duty industrial citrus degreaser and hard surface cleaner

If you’re an engineer or production manager you’ll love this citrus degreaser. Its high concentration helps cleaning budgets go further, it degreases almost any surface fast and it’s safe for your staff too.

We believe Citracleanse shines among industrial lubricants and degreasers for cost-effective heavy-duty degreasing. That’s because it’s from our super-concentrated range Just one litre makes over 500 litres of powerful hard surface cleaning solution.

Citracleanse is suitable for all cleaning operations and methods to quickly clean and degrease most surfaces by power washing and steam cleaning. You can use it diluted in floor scrubbers, spraying wash equipment, dip tanks, hand washing and spray wiping. Ideal for all other cleaning and mopping opperations  

Advantages and benefits

  • Unique formula for heavy-duty degreasing
  • Super-concentrated citrus degreaser saves you money
  • Active degreasing agents for fast operation
  • Maximum cleaning and degreasing with minimum effort
  • Environmentally friendly and user friendly naturally derived ingredients
  • Safe to use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Part of our super concentrated degreaser range just 1 litre - makes over 500 litres of cleaning & degreasing solution that means you pay only 0.06p per litre - you can't beat that! 


Versatile Citracleanse citrus degreaser is effective on a wide range of hard surfaces. It cleans and degreases painted plant machinery, alloy wheels, plastic, fibreglass, glass, painted surfaces ,metal parts ,Perspex, uPVC and more… Here are a just few uses:

•    Ingrained dirt and stubbon grime
•    Diesel and oil spills
•    Food oils,Fats, and light grease
•    Tobacco film
•    Body fat
•    Heavy engineering oils
•    Some inks and waxes (please ask for more details)
•    Carbon light deposits

Citracleanse also removes rubber marks from industrial floors. And it’s perfect for Altro floor cleaner, walls, tiles ,concrete and paving slabs. Make sure your maintenance team has some for cleaning filters and other components.


•    Unique formula and active degreasing agents
•    A special blend is of naturally derived of citrus oils and surfactants

Safety, storage and handling

Because Citracleanse is an all-in-one product you may be able to lower your storage costs.
For more safety, storage and handling information, please contact us.

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