Metasoak - Aluminium Cleaner & Aqueous Degreaser
  • Versatile non-caustic alkaline metal parts cleaner, degreaser and de-carboniser
  • Used in the engineering & food industries
  • Low foam formula designed for maximum cleaning and degreasing
  • Removes the toughest carbon and oil deposits
  • Pefect parts washer fluid
  • Environmentally friendly and rapidly bio-degradable
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Pack 2 x 5 Ltrs MD31B/10LTR £65.60 (GBP)
Case 4 x 5 Ltrs MD31B/20LTR £127.97 (GBP)
Case 1 x 25 Ltrs MD31B/25LTR £146.02 (GBP)

Metasoak Aluminum Cleaner and Degreaser - Non-Caustic alkaline metal cleaner and degreaser

Metasoak is a versatile non-caustic alkaline metal cleaner, degreaser and decarboniser. We designed it specifically for cleaning aluminum and to degrease and emulsify surface build up in the engineering and the food industries. It is widely used where soil loading is high and where a manual dip soak tank degreasing ,parts cleaner degreaser or automatic parts washer and ultrosonic cleaning systems are available. 

Metasoak is a water based degreaser and contains effective ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibition systems, combined with low-foaming properties for maximum oil and carbon removal in the aluminum cleaning process and for carb cleaning . Our non-caustic formula is completely safe to use on aluminum parts and most metal and alloy components and parts that are sensitive to caustic-based degreasing products.
Ideal as a ultrasonic cleaning ,parts washer fluid it rapidly removes heavy build up during parts cleaning operations. Without doubt one of the best aluminum cleaners for parts washers and CIP cleaning. 
Advantages and benefits
·         A safe, aqueous degreaser, cleaner and decarboniser  
·         Fast-working formulation saves you time and money
·         Versatility – many uses in the engineering and food industries
        Part washer system - the perfect parts cleaner 
·         Effectiveness – low foaming ensures maximum cleaning and degreasing
·         Power – Metasoak removes the toughest carbon and oil deposits
·         Safety – it is environmentally friendly and rapidly biodegradable
Metasoak is suitable for use on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In particular, its non-caustic properties make it suitable for cleaning aluminum, degreasing and decarbonise in engineering, road and rail transport where its uses include the following:
·         Decarbonise valves and other metal engine parts
·         Stripping coatings
·         Removing waxes
·         Effectively pre-treating metal ready for new coatings
Metasoak is also widely used as a parts cleaner for aluminum as it removes all fats, oils, greases, carbon deposits and grime, it makes a very effective professional decarboniser. 

Ultrasonic cleaning: aqueous water based degreaser Ideal for removing all tenacious grease ,carbonized deposits and heavy residue build up from or metal including aluminum, glass ,painted and plastic components. use cold or hot up to 70c and dilute in ultrasonic equipment tank up to 60 part water for most ultrasonic cleaning operations to achieve maximum results  
For more information on how to clean aluminum see our YouTube channel –
·         Metasoak aluminum cleaner is low foaming
·         Non-caustic formula
·         Rapidly biodegradable
·         Contains effective ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibition systems
Safety, storage and handling
Because Metasoak is an all-in-one product you may be able to lower your storage costs.
For more safety, storage and handling information, please contact us.
Buy Metasoak aluminum cleaner online now or if you need to know how to clean aluminum call 01495 308 048