Hypo Tabs - Concentrated Chlorine Tablets First Order Half Price
Hypo Tabs - Concentrated Chlorine Tablets
  • Powerful bleach tablet and disinfectant
  • Extremely effective disinfectant for hard surfaces, drains and sinks
  • Kills a wide range of micro-organisms
  • Non-corrosive and has little effect on most metals
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Hypo-Tabs Industrial Strength Bleach Tablets

Hypo-Tabs are concentrated bleach tablets which act as an extremely effective disinfectant for hard surfaces, drains and sinks. Hypo Tabs bleach tablets are a convenient and safer to use alternative to traditional liquid hypochlorite bleach. Our strong bleach tablets are easy to use and minimise the risk of spillages or stains which can often happen with liquid bleach. The chlorine tablets reduce the chance of human error by allowing you to accurately control the amount of chlorine that is added to the water meaning a more effective disinfection.

Our chlorine tablets kill a wide variety of micro organisms and have been specified for use by the Public Health Laboratory Services.
Our chlorine tablets are suitable for use in all kitchen hygiene, hospitals, walls, floors, drains and sinks. The use of bleach tablets can give both an easy and effective method of controlling infection from Aids and Hepatitis.
For general disinfection Hypo-Tabs should be diluted in a ratio of one bleach tablet to 5 litres of water.