HDL - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

HDL - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner First Order Half Price
  • Solvent Free Liquid Hand Cleanser
  • Use to quickly remove all types of ingrained soiling, oils, greases, inks, metal dust deposits and dyes
  • Contains natural mild soaps and oils to protect all skin types
  • Can be used as an all-over body wash when diluted
From £21.75 (GBP)

Skin Care - Hand Scrubs Hand Cleaning Wipers - Waterless

Skin Care - Hand Scrubs Hand Cleaning Wipers - Waterless First Order Half Price
  • Combination of a tough, duel action textured towel and citrus hand cleaning solution
  • Loosen, dissolve and absorb all dirt, grime and heavy grease to leave hands clean and fresh
  • Quickly removes all forms of grease, paints, oils and adhesives
  • Duel action wipe - one side of the towel is textured for heavy duty scrub cleaning
  • 72 wipers per bucket
From £76.70 (GBP)

Hand Cleaning Wipes

Hand Cleaning Wipes First Order Half Price
  • Dual Purpose - Hand cleaner and surface wipes
  • Active biocide and sanitizer for perfect hand hygiene
  • Works quickly and effectively on dirt and tough soiling
  • Ideal for hand cleaning and cleaning small parts
  • Gentle lotions condition and protect your skin
  • Self-drying and resealable packet
From £76.40 (GBP)

Industrial Hand Cleaner - Citra Bead

Industrial Hand Cleaner - Citra Bead First Order Half Price
  • Industrial Hand Cleaner with added skin conditioners
  • Ideal for removing excessive oils, greases, paints, dyes, inks and metal dust
  • Free from chelating agents
  • Solvent free - avoids excessive defatting of the skin
  • Polymer Beads - ensures strong cleaning action
  • Neutral pH - leaves hands smooth
  • Fragrant – distinctive fresh citrus
From £24.40 (GBP)