You understand the importance of food safe lubricants for reliable operation of moving machinery and other protective applications (such as food-safe mineral oil for chopping boards) wherever you work with food. Having a convenient, reliable source for all your food grade lubricants is essential for your peace of mind and the safety of your operatives and customers. From PTFE spray to stainless steel cleaner and food grade mineral oil, you’ll find a wide range of food-safe lubricants here. And if you don’t see what you need, please contact us…
Taking chances on non-food safe lubricants isn't an option
With Health & Safety, the profitability of your operation, and your reputation to think about, taking chances with non-food safe lubricants simply shouldn't be an option. You’re in the safest hands with APT. We’re more than just an off-the-shelf stockist for food safe oil based products – we’re your experienced partner for all kinds of food grade lubricant and related metal cleaning products.
Convenience, value and support with every order
Convenience and value comes in the form of highly concentrated and multi-use products – and pocket-sized aerosols of Foodlube and dewatering agents. What’s more, every order comes with the reassuring backup of decades of experience in commercial and industrial cleaning for the food industry. Always remember that you and your APT products make the perfect team in the battle against wear in moving machinery.
Release No.1 - Excellent Penetrating Oil & Dewatering Agent Aerosols

Release No.1 - Excellent Penetrating Oil & Dewatering Agent Aerosols

  • Dewatering agent, rust inhibitor and lubricant
  • Instantly displaces all water from damp or wet components
  • Penetrates deeply to prevent moisture traps
  • Leaves protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion
  • Lubricates and increases efficiency of working parts
£52.44 (GBP)
Food Grade Lubricant (Aerosol)

Food Grade Lubricant (Aerosol)

  • Food safe lubricant based on vegetable oils
  • For use in all areas where food is being either manufactured, prepared or involved in or where accidental contact may occur
  • Non-toxic, safe to use in all areas and meets FDA standards for all types of the food and drinks industries and edible product production
£64.91 (GBP)
Food Grade Safe Lubricant

Food Grade Safe Lubricant

  • Food safe lubricant
  • Advanced blend of refined odourless and colourless food grade lubricanting oils
  • High stability to To lubricate and protect equipment and moving parts in the food and engineering industries
  • Effective at low temperature i.e. in cold store
From £141.40 (GBP)
Teflube - One Shot PTFE Lubricant

Teflube - One Shot PTFE Lubricant

  • New generation of scientifically designed dry lubricant
  • Touch dry in under 1 minute
  • Use at high temperatures where release is critical
  • £89.98 (GBP)
    Silicone Plus - Silicone Spray

    Silicone Plus - Silicone Spray

    • Silicone spray
    • Gives a high gloss shine to many types of materials including woods, metals and plastics
    • Odourless and non-tainting
    £72.00 (GBP)