Catering Cleaning Chemicals

Whilst some businesses can get along just by appearing to be clean and tidy, other businesses have to maintain the highest sanitary standards. Whereas a cleaner working in an office building will be happy with a quick wipe and vacuum, one who is working cleaning commercial or industrial catering premises will require a much more in-depth cleaning process. The level of cleanliness required by such businesses means that you will need to find a company who can supply you with the best and most appropriate type of cleaning chemicals for your needs and budget.

APT have been manufacturing and supplying cleaning chemicals to a broad range of companies for many years, and have developed a firm reputation for providing top quality products at great rates. Their range of catering cleaning chemicals offer numerous benefits over other products and you will see an increase in worker efficiency and levels of cleanliness. Whether you need dishwasher detergent, glass washing, food safe chemicals, oven cleaner, grease trap cleaner or any other catering cleaning products, APT will have exactly what you need. Find out more at or speak to one of their sales team today on 01495 308 408