Concentrated Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Carpets see a huge amount of traffic in the average workplace, which results in them quickly becoming dirty and unhygienic. In only a few days, a previously spotless carpet can go from one colour to another! Obviously this isn't something that will attract or impress potential clients, and so it is important that they are regularly cleaned and brought back up to their usual standard.

The fact that many carpets, particularly those in entrance areas, are subjected to dirt, water and substances dropped from visitors shoes, is compounded when it is then ground into the fibres of the carpet as more people walk over the same area Cleaning deep down and reaching all the dust and dirt in the carpet can be hard-work and take a considerable amount of time, especially for large carpeted areas. This is why you should equip your cleaning staff with the best tools for the job as it will speed up the task and make your workers more efficient.

APT have developed a range of concentrated carpet cleaning chemicals which are ideally suited to the demanding task of cleaning carpets. Find out more by visiting their website at