Floor Tile Cleaning

For flooring and commercial catering applications, floor tiles make an excellent choice due to their low cost and low maintenance requirements. Although they don't require any highly specific cleaning chemicals, if you aren't using the right cleaning products, you won't get the best results and surfaces may not look as good as possible. In addition, you could also be missing out on certain sanitary requirements, if the cleaning solution you use doesn't have anti-bacterial properties. If you own, operate or offer cleaning services in industries ranging from commercial catering, wash rooms, swimming pools or industrial areas, finding the best floor tile cleaning products at the best possible prices can be a lengthy process.

APT, one of the UK's leading cleaning chemical and equipment providers, manufacturing a vast range of cleaning products, including floor tile cleaning solutions. One thing that makes APT a great choice, when compared with other suppliers, is the fact that they offer highly concentrated chemicals as opposed to pre-diluted solutions. Concentrated chemicals offer a number of benefits including:


  • Cutting down cleaning times, making work more efficient
  • Reducing weight and container sizes, which translate to lower shipping and storage costs

You can find out more about APT by visiting their website at www.aptcleaningsupplies.co.uk.