Window Cleaning Supplies

Whether you run a business out of a large office or provide cleaning services to other companies and private individuals, window cleaning can be a time consuming task. As glass and windows are the most visible parts of a building, your clients will certainly notice if this job is carried out to a poor standard! This is why it’s so important to have the best window cleaning supplies.

APT have a large range of glass and window cleaning supplies which are suitable for any and all glass cleaning applications. The products available include standard liquid window cleaning solutions, as well as more specialist products such as foams, creams and sprays. Refoam, one of APTs specialist foam cleaners has been formulated using high active surfactants, and is perfect for the fast and efficient removal of finger marks, grease and dirt from all types of plastic and glass surfaces. Its smear free formula is highly effective and is lightly perfumed, meaning that it will leave the glass with a pleasant aroma too! Find out about these window cleaning supplies on the APT website at