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Industrial Hand Cleaner - Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Whilst a simple bar of soap or hand wash might be seen as acceptable in an office environment, some workplaces demand a superior performance from their hand cleaner. Regular soap does an adequate job of cleaning up the dust and dirt that you might come to expect in retail or office surroundings, but heavy duty dirt & grime can be significantly more difficult to deal with! Industries such as manufacturing, chemical and oil & gas will regularly result in workers coming into contact with a wide variety of heavy oils, waxes and grease. In this case, a bar of soap just isn't good enough. To improve your company’s efficiency and hygiene standards, you should look to buy an effective industrial hand cleaner.

Industrial hand cleaner products are ideal for the swift, efficient removal of all types of ingrained dirt and oils. Additionally, a good hand cleaner will have a natural PH balance and will restore oils to the skin.

By speeding up the cleaning process for staff members, you will also be increasing your company’s efficiency. For a complete range of industrial hand cleaning products, just visit APT Cleaning Supplies at Alternatively, if you need any help selecting the right cleaner, call the team on 01495 308 048.



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