Homemade Laundry Powder: Is It Really That Good? - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In this blog, we will be looking at the rise of people using their own homemade laundry powders and why that isn’t always the best idea.

With people feeling the toll of the recession and money being tighter than ever, it’s understandable that some would look to ways of cutting down the cost of everyday household essentials. Some people simply reuse old bottles or plastic bags rather than use news ones every time, others take something and use it for a completely different purpose (such as putting old teabags in shoes to remove the odour – it actually works too), and some even go as far as making their own version of the shop-bought, branded product. 
This is how homemade laundry powder came about. A lot of consumers decided that ‘official’ laundry powder was just too expensive and that making it themselves was easier and cheaper. A quick search online will bring up hundreds of recipes and methods from those who have decided to do it themselves, as well as videos explaining exactly how to do it and how the resulting washing turns out after using it. So with all this information on homemade laundry powder, surely it must be a good alternative to shop-bought brands?
More and more people are starting to make their own laundry powder, but is it really worth it?
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Well, despite all of the praise it gets in online forums and communities, homemade laundry powder isn’t as great as it seems. The most obvious point to start with is that you have to make it yourself. Whilst the advice suggests it is easy to make, the chances are the first few washes might not be up to scratch, and one mistake could result in your laundry potentially being ruined. And when you do eventually get the method just right, there’s still the issue of actually having to make it. If you work all day, having to make the laundry powder before you can do the washing is just hassle, as no doubt you will also have to make food, clean your home and all sorts of other tasks and chores. If you’re a parent staying at home to look after your children, having to find the time to make a laundry powder you could just buy in a shop is going to be difficult, especially if your child is young and needs constant supervision.
But the extra work you will have to do might be worth it if you can make great savings compared to buying laundry powder in the shops. However, even these savings aren’t as good as they are made out. Taking an example found online, the cost of the ingredients needed to make 6.5kg of powder is-
i) 2.5kg Borax substitute – 7.50
ii) 2kg Soda Crystals – 2.00
iii) 500g Bicarbonate of Soda – 1.50
iv) 3 bars of standard size soap – approx. 1.50
v) 1kg Chlorine Free Oxygenated Bleach – 4.00
Whilst most recipes state the bleach is optional, they highly recommend it to remove stubborn stains. That means to create your own laundry powder it would cost around 16.50. That is cheaper than a lot of branded powders, but when you compare it our own EVO Professional Laundry Powder, the savings aren’t that impressive, as 8.1kg of EVO costs 17.99. Unless you are desperate for that 1 to 2 saving, all the effort of finding the ingredients (some of which can be hard to track down) and making the powder seems unnecessary when you can buy a proven, quality powder for just a little bit more.
Also, with EVO there is no need to worry about how it will affect sensitive skin, as that is another reason why some people choose to make their own laundry powder. Whereas a lot of major brands have chemicals that can be irritable on certain skin types, EVO is designed to be easy on sensitive skin.
It makes perfect sense why many people choose to make their own laundry powder, and you have to take your hats off to those people to have the desire and effort to make it themselves, but with a product like EVO available there is just no need. 
If you are interested in EVO, please find it on our website or go to our Amazon store-front.
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Sales Executive Job Opening - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This blog will be looking at the exciting job opportunity we have available at APT-ICC Ltd.

Are you a focused, self-driven person who can reach and exceed targets? If so, you may be the perfect candidate for an incredible new opportunity here with us at APT. 
We are currently looking for an experienced Sales Executive to join us at our headquarters in Crown Business Park, Tredegar (Gwent, Wales). The candidate must have four years of sales experience (ideally in the chemicals/cleaning industry) and must have a strong understanding of customer and market dynamics, along with a proven ability to achieve sales quotas.
If that describes you then please view the full job description below to see if you would be suited to this role.
Job Title – Sales Executive
Salary – £25,000 OTE (uncapped)
Start Date – September/October 2013
Job Description – 
The Sales Executive will be responsible for all sales activities, from lead generation through to close of sale in an assigned territory. They will develop sales growth in line with agreed marketing plan, which will result in meeting both personal and business goals of expanding customer base within our field. They will be an active part of our sales team who are totally focused on achieving exceptional sales results and providing outstanding customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and long-term relationships in line with company vision and values. 
Key responsibilities – 
Plan and manage personal business territory according to an agreed market development strategy. 
Plan and prioritise personal sales activities, ensuring best use of personal time.
Support marketing activities to agreed budgets and timescales integrate personal sales efforts with other organised marketing activities, e.g. product launches, promotions, advertising, exhibitions and telemarketing. 
Maintain accurate records of all sales and prospecting activities including sales calls, presentations, closed sales, and follow-up activities within their assigned territory, including the use of the company’s CRM system to maintain accurate records.
Make recommendations to prospects and clients of the various solutions the company offers to their business issues. 
Provide potential and existing customers with the highest level of service.
Attend training and develop relevant knowledge and skills. 
Adhere to health and safety policy, and other requirements relating to care of equipment.
To apply for this position, please email us a copy of your CV, along with a cover letter explaining why you feel you are right for this role, to (please write ‘Sales Executive Job Application’ clearly in the email subject line).
Good luck with your applications and we at APT-ICC are looking forward to welcoming one of you to the team.
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EVO Professional Laundry Powder - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In this blog, we will be taking a look at one of our top-selling products, EVO Professional Laundry Powder. 

Almost everything nowadays is branded ‘essential’. Smartphones, tablet computers, the latest fashion accessory; apparently we need all of these things to carry on living happily. However, there is one thing that is definitely essential that probably gets overlooked by most people; washing powder. 
Everyone wears clothes, and those clothes need washing. Pretty straightforward. But with so many brands and variations available it can be hard to decide which one to buy. Surely washing powder is all the same? All it does is wash clothes; is there really much of a difference between brands?
Fast-talking executives would say there is; after all, they want you to buy their brand. You might think this is what we’re doing in this very blog, but we’re not. We’re not going to reel off a bunch of marketing buzzwords to con you into paying over-the-odds for what, underneath all the hype, is a basic, average product. We know that most people out there only care about two things; ‘Does it work?’ and ‘How cheap is it?’ They don’t want hype, style and fancy packaging. They just want a good product at a decent price. If you are one of these people, then EVO is perfect for you.
laundry products, laundry supplies
EVO Professional Laundry Powder doesn’t mess around. It is made with a double-strength formula that allows it to remove even the toughest, most worn-in stains. It works well even at low temperatures and is an easy-flow formula which prevents caking in washing. The phrase ‘no nonsense’ is definitely suitable to use here. But how do you know this isn’t just marketing talk? Well take a look at the some reviews from our Amazon page below:
'My three year old grandson produces some very stained clothes, especially after he comes home from school, and this powder has removed them all, even on a cool wash. It is very good value for money, as you do not have to put a lot in per wash, and you get a big bucket of powder'
' is a really good washing detergent and loads cheaper than the supermarket'
'Have passed samples round at school and among friends, we all love it'
They pretty much sums up EVO entirely. It cleans even the worst stains effectively wash after wash and goes a long way, as you only need a small amount of powder to get the quality results. A product that lasts is definitely worth the price.
So what about the price? EVO Professional Laundry Powder is more powerful than other brands and can provide more washes than other brands. But is it cheaper? Well, EVO is currently retailing on our Amazon store at £15.99. The closest competitor, in terms of size of product, is retailing their 8.5kg version at £22.99. Is it really worth an extra £7 every time just for a ‘well-known’ brand? Is it really worth an extra £84 a year?*
So there you go. No fuss, no song-and-dance; just facts. EVO Professional Laundry Powder is more powerful and cheaper than the leading brands.
*Saving based on purchasing powder once a month, totalling 12 purchases a year
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Welcome to APT - Tuesday, August 6, 2013

An introduction to our new blog detailing all the latest news from APT Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

APT is one of the leading national suppliers of Specialised Industrial Hygiene and Maintenance Products and provider of exceptional cleaning products for all industries. These products include pesticides, floor cleaners, washroom hygiene products, office cleaning supplies, spill response kits and metal cleaning lubricants.

Our products are developed to be as easy and efficient as possible to use. They are designed to be highly concentrated and powerful, resulting in a very cost-effective product.

Algae Free – Mould and Algae Remover, a top seller, is just one of our many high quality products.
This blog will talk about the range of chemical cleaning products we provide, looking at how they work and how they can be beneficial to you, along with keeping up with the latest cleaning products available from us and how they will impact the industry.
For more information, visit our website at, or for regular updates on the company and our services, follow us on Twitter at @APTICC
If you are interested in commercial cleaning services, please visit our sister site
This blog will be updated every Tuesday, so come back here for everything you need to know about APT Industrial Cleaning Chemical Supplies.
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