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Moss Prevention - Friday, June 13, 2014

Moss is a common issue that can plague nearly any type of surface that is exposed to damp, shady and humid environments in which it grows and thrives. Although it may appear to cause no more harm than just being rather unsightly, moss can actually cause severe damage to many types of surfaces if it isn't dealt with in a fast and efficient manner. Moss attaches to surfaces using root-like structures known as rhizoids and it is these that penetrate into the surface – causing physical damage and degradation. In addition to the damage caused by the roots, the moss will also allow water to stay on the surface, which is another source of potential surface damage. These facts, coupled with the fast growing and rapid spread of the moss, will cause hard work for those in charge of outside maintenance. In order to remove moss quickly and to ensure moss prevention, you should make sure to buy the correct cleaning chemicals for the job.

APT have developed the best solution for the moss prevention and removal – Algae Free. Algae Free is perfect for the swift removal of moss and algae whilst also being able to claim a 100% environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable, phosphate free formula too! Find out more about APT and their moss prevention products at

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Pool Side Cleaner - Friday, June 13, 2014

As with anything that has to endure such wet and humid environments, swimming pools can quickly become dirty and unhygienic in only a matter of days. For health clubs, leisure centres and sports centres, staying on top of the situation and keeping their swimming pools in the best condition can prove to be a time consuming and costly exercise. In order to reduce the time and effort you and your workers spend on pool maintenance, the key is to use specialist pool cleaning products rather than one or more general purpose cleaners. As well as improving efficiency, a specialist pool maintenance chemical will make sure that the pool's delicate pH balance isn't affected during the cleaning process.

APT are one of the UK's top manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of high quality cleaning chemicals, including a pool side cleaner - Aquacleanse – the best swimming pool maintenance product on the market! Its effective formula will quickly and efficiently break down all kinds of dirt and grime including body fats and scale. As it is suitable for use in almost all swimming pool areas including poolside surfaces, fixtures & fittings, wet areas and shower/changing areas, it is the perfect all in one solution. Find out more about APT’s Aquacleanse pool side cleaner at

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Safe Highway Sign Cleaner - Thursday, June 12, 2014

A common problem affecting signs on the roads and highways is algae. Algae can begin to grow on almost any surface that is exposed to the outside elements and, whilst it can be an eyesore on walls and cladding, it could be potentially dangerous on highways! If the algae has grown and expanded to such an extent that it is covering or obscuring the wording on a road sign, it could cause drivers to carry out any number of dangerous manoeuvres in response such as rapid deceleration or straying into other lanes. On fast moving roads, this could present a large hazard and therefore it is essential to clean and remove any traces of algae as soon as possible. However, algae is notorious for being difficult to remove and requires specialist cleaning chemicals and equipment in order to do the best job and prevent future growth.

APT have a great range of products which are ideally suited for use as a safe highway sign cleaner and can be applied using a variety of different methods including brushes and lances – ideal for highway operators. Find out more about the products at

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Concentrated Cleaning Solution - Thursday, June 12, 2014

When you are looking to order in your next batch of cleaning supplies, you should think to yourself, “Am I really getting the best value for money?” More often than not, the answer will be a resounding no! This is due to a number of reasons. First of all, are you buying directly from a cleaning chemical manufacturer or from a retailer or middleman? If you aren't buying direct then you will be paying over the odds even though you don't have to. Next, it is more than likely that the cleaning chemicals themselves are diluted many times before being bottled, packaged and sent on to you. This means that as well as reducing the efficiency of your workers, you will also be paying extra shipping costs to have all the extra weight of water delivered to you! A concentrated cleaning solution won't have excess water and will provide you with a highly efficient cleaner, whilst also reducing the packaging size, shipping and associated storage costs.

APT are one of the leading cleaning chemical manufacturers in the country and have a huge range of concentrated cleaning products which will be suitable for every type of cleaning application. Find out more on their website at



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