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Rust Removal Cleaning - Friday, May 30, 2014

Rust is a problem that can develop on any iron-based metal surface, which is exposed to the elements & weather, around water or anywhere that is in a high-humidity environment. If the object is in close proximity to the sea or other salt-water source, rusting will be greatly accelerated and must be dealt with sooner rather than later. This is because the salt allows the metal to oxidise at a much quicker rate when compared to fresh water.

As well as producing an unsightly appearance on the surface of the metal, if the rust is allowed to develop further it can also lead to parts and equipment failing in the future.

One way of removing a build up of rust from a surface is to scrub away at it with an abrasive pad. However, this can damage the metal underneath and allow the rust to develop further next time around. So, the best option is to use a specialist rust removal cleaning product.

APT have a number of cleaning products that have been designed exclusively for rust removal cleaning. Find out more on their website –

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Catering Cleaning Chemicals - Friday, May 30, 2014

Whilst some businesses can get along just by appearing to be clean and tidy, other businesses have to maintain the highest sanitary standards. Whereas a cleaner working in an office building will be happy with a quick wipe and vacuum, one who is working cleaning commercial or industrial catering premises will require a much more in-depth cleaning process. The level of cleanliness required by such businesses means that you will need to find a company who can supply you with the best and most appropriate type of cleaning chemicals for your needs and budget.

APT have been manufacturing and supplying cleaning chemicals to a broad range of companies for many years, and have developed a firm reputation for providing top quality products at great rates. Their range of catering cleaning chemicals offer numerous benefits over other products and you will see an increase in worker efficiency and levels of cleanliness. Whether you need dishwasher detergent, glass washing, food safe chemicals, oven cleaner, grease trap cleaner or any other catering cleaning products, APT will have exactly what you need. Find out more at or speak to one of their sales team today on 01495 308 408

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The Best Solvent Cleaners - Friday, May 30, 2014

Solvent cleaners are the perfect choice for anyone who needs to quickly and efficiently remove oil, grease, glues, adhesives, waxes or any other sticky residues. This makes them the ideal choice for use as a parts cleaner in engineering applications, as they quickly evaporate and leave no residue.

If you need to find the best solvent cleaners for your particular task, it can be difficult to locate a supplier you can trust to deliver the highest quality products at the best possible prices. APT are one of the UK's leading suppliers of all types of chemical cleaning products and they have a complete range of solvent cleaners which will be suited to whatever task you have in mind. 

Two of their most popular solvent cleaners include: 

An environmentally friendly, non-toxic, citrus solvent degreaser, glue and adhesive remover.

For the fast, effective removal of chewing gum and other adhesive glue deposits, Gum Gone is fast to penetrate and breakdown any unwanted deposits.

If you would like to find out more about APT's range of the best solvent cleaners, simply call one of their team on 01495 308 048 or visit 

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Concentrated Carpet Cleaning Chemicals - Friday, May 30, 2014

Carpets see a huge amount of traffic in the average workplace, which results in them quickly becoming dirty and unhygienic. In only a few days, a previously spotless carpet can go from one colour to another! Obviously this isn't something that will attract or impress potential clients, and so it is important that they are regularly cleaned and brought back up to their usual standard.

The fact that many carpets, particularly those in entrance areas, are subjected to dirt, water and substances dropped from visitors shoes, is compounded when it is then ground into the fibres of the carpet as more people walk over the same area Cleaning deep down and reaching all the dust and dirt in the carpet can be hard-work and take a considerable amount of time, especially for large carpeted areas. This is why you should equip your cleaning staff with the best tools for the job as it will speed up the task and make your workers more efficient.

APT have developed a range of concentrated carpet cleaning chemicals which are ideally suited to the demanding task of cleaning carpets. Find out more by visiting their website at

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The Top Cleaning Suppliers - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Running a large office, warehouse, factory or any other workspace can result in you incurring some unexpected expenses. One item that can often be overlooked is the products, chemicals and equipment you and your staff will need to keep everything spotless and hygienic – cleaning supplies. Whether you have in-house cleaning staff or you operate a professional cleaning business, you will want to buy your cleaning supplies from a company you can trust and rely on, and one which will offer great service and pricing. One of the top cleaning suppliers in the UK is a company called APT Cleaning Supplies.

APT have been serving the cleaning industry for many years and have built up a strong reputation as being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for all types of business and industries. From hospitals and universities to heavy industries and the building companies, APT have satisfied customers all across the country. Serving such a diverse array of companies is what sets APT apart from the competition and will give you an idea of how highly regarded they are. If you would like to find out any more about the types and availability of any cleaning supplies, just visit the website at



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Concentrated Cleaning Products - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As well as having the right equipment for the task at hand, you also need to make sure that you are using concentrated cleaning products too. If you don't use concentrated chemicals, it’s likely you’ll face the following problems:

Using diluted chemicals will mean that a job that could be done in 5 minutes would take much longer than necessary.

Some surfaces, such as aluminium or marble, will require a specialist cleaning product which has been designed with them in mind. If you choose to use the wrong chemical you will therefore run the risk of damaging the surface!

If you use diluted chemicals, then you’ll need more of them. You’ll therefore be ordering more often, and more bulky products, which will increase the delivery costs.

APT Cleaning Supplies supply a huge range of highly concentrated cleaning products which will ensure your costs will be as low as possible – find out more at

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Limescale Removal Products - Sunday, May 4, 2014

Any item or object that comes into regular contact with water is at risk of developing a problem with limescale, and this is particularly true in areas with hard water. Hard water is simply water with higher than normal levels of mineral content when compared to normal or 'soft' water. Common areas that suffer the most include toilets, boilers and piping systems. When limescale builds up in any area it can cause a variety of issues, including poor performance, inefficiency and breakage. In order to avoid these problems, you will need to make sure that you have effective limescale removal products.

APT have been developing cleaning solutions for all types of industries and commercial applications for many years and have a great range of limescale removal products! Whether you need limescale removal products for toilets, ceramics, masonry or catering equipment, they'll have the right tool for the job. Find out more on their website at

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Floor Tile Cleaning - Sunday, May 4, 2014

For flooring and commercial catering applications, floor tiles make an excellent choice due to their low cost and low maintenance requirements. Although they don't require any highly specific cleaning chemicals, if you aren't using the right cleaning products, you won't get the best results and surfaces may not look as good as possible. In addition, you could also be missing out on certain sanitary requirements, if the cleaning solution you use doesn't have anti-bacterial properties. If you own, operate or offer cleaning services in industries ranging from commercial catering, wash rooms, swimming pools or industrial areas, finding the best floor tile cleaning products at the best possible prices can be a lengthy process.

APT, one of the UK's leading cleaning chemical and equipment providers, manufacturing a vast range of cleaning products, including floor tile cleaning solutions. One thing that makes APT a great choice, when compared with other suppliers, is the fact that they offer highly concentrated chemicals as opposed to pre-diluted solutions. Concentrated chemicals offer a number of benefits including:


  • Cutting down cleaning times, making work more efficient
  • Reducing weight and container sizes, which translate to lower shipping and storage costs

You can find out more about APT by visiting their website at

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Window Cleaning Supplies - Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whether you run a business out of a large office or provide cleaning services to other companies and private individuals, window cleaning can be a time consuming task. As glass and windows are the most visible parts of a building, your clients will certainly notice if this job is carried out to a poor standard! This is why it’s so important to have the best window cleaning supplies.

APT have a large range of glass and window cleaning supplies which are suitable for any and all glass cleaning applications. The products available include standard liquid window cleaning solutions, as well as more specialist products such as foams, creams and sprays. Refoam, one of APTs specialist foam cleaners has been formulated using high active surfactants, and is perfect for the fast and efficient removal of finger marks, grease and dirt from all types of plastic and glass surfaces. Its smear free formula is highly effective and is lightly perfumed, meaning that it will leave the glass with a pleasant aroma too! Find out about these window cleaning supplies on the APT website at

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Ceramic Floor Tile Cleaner - Sunday, May 4, 2014

Although ceramic floors are generally a cost effective and attractive surface for flooring, they may not be as simple and easy to clean as you might expect. If you use the incorrect type of chemicals, tools or equipment to clean them, you might find that you could be damaging the delicate surface of the tiles. At the least, doing this could result in the tiles becoming discoloured or losing their shiny top surface, but may also cause other issues such as cracking. In order to avoid this, you should be sure to only use the right equipment and tile cleaner for the job.

For many years, APT have been supplying cleaning equipment and chemicals to all kinds of industries and businesses throughout the UK. Their range of products includes those that have been specially designed in order to ensure the fast, efficient and delicate cleaning of ceramic tiles. Scrub-less, APT's specialist ceramic floor tile cleaner is a high quality, chalk free and easy rinse ceramic tile cleaner which is ideal for tiles, sinks and wash room cleaning tasks. After cleaning and buffing the surfaces, Scrub-less will give the tile an exceptional shine and leave them with a clean, fresh lemon scent. You can find out more about this ceramic floor tile cleaner, and other cleaning products on their website at

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