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Full Power Graffiti Remover - Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anyone who has ever come across graffiti and who has been tasked with its cleaning will be able to attest to the fact that it is incredibly difficult to remove! Even if you stumble upon it before it's had chance to fully dry, graffiti can still take a lot of hard work and effort to successfully remove. Knowing how much time and expense is involved in the graffiti removal process can mean that companies will often put off doing the job until a later date. This is a bad idea for two main reasons:

  • Encourages further attacks – If the person who carried out the attack sees that their art is still in place weeks down the line, it will only serve to encourage them to continue defacing your property.
  • Becomes harder to remove – If graffiti is allowed to remain on a surface for too long, it can be much harder to remove once you get around to it and may leave a permanent 'shadow' where it used to be.

By acting swiftly to remove any graffiti as soon as it is seen, you'll prevent both of these issues becoming a real problem. APT have a great range of full power graffiti remover chemicals available to order on their website at

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Catering Cleaning Chemicals - Sunday, April 6, 2014

In the catering industry, it’s absolutely vital that all work surfaces and equipment is kept clean and germ free. However, if standards are to be maintained you'll need to invest in the best catering cleaning chemicals and the right personnel to use them. In large commercial kitchens and industrial scale processes, unless you can find the right supplier, the cost of buying all the cleaning chemicals and equipment can quickly add up. That's why APT have developed a series of catering cleaning products that are designed to provide highly efficient cleaning at great value.
From catering cleaning chemicals to all types of supplies and equipment, APT have got everything covered. Some of the top selling catering cleaning products include:

  • Phos-clean – A highly concentrated formula that is designed to remove scale build up in catering and industrial processing equipment. This food safe lime scale remover is used to service, maintain and treat water piping and storage vessels in order to prevent lime scale and reduce bacteria build-ups.
  • AB Super Wipes – Heavy-duty non-woven all purpose cleaning cloths which are able to be washed and re-used up to 15 times. Suitable for all janitorial and catering applications.

To find out more about APT catering cleaning chemicals, just visit the website at

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Algae Removal Techniques - Sunday, April 6, 2014

As long as moisture is present, algae can grow almost anywhere. This means that anything and everything that comes into contact with moisture on a regular basis is at risk of developing algae. As well as creating an unsightly mess, algae is very difficult to remove and will be a highly time consuming and fruitless endeavour if you don't have the right equipment. Since it grows in areas high in moisture, things like swimming pools, ponds and anywhere else in or around water will be particularly at risk. If you have an algae problem in one of these areas, you should take care to only use algae removal solutions that are safe for both the environment and any plants and animals living there.

APT have introduced an exceptionally efficient algae removal product – Algae Free. Its highly concentrated formula means you get maximum economy from each application and ensures that you get the job done in as little time as possible. It is used by professionals as an algae cleaner to quickly remove and kill algae spores & moss from many types of surface including building façades and metal cladding. Find out more about APT or their algae removal solutions by visiting the website at

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Moss Removal Products - Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moss can be a huge hassle to remove and clean! It can grow and take over an area faster than you could imagine and will be difficult to remove once it does. Rather than taking the time-intensive method of scrubbing or scraping the moss away, consider using specialist moss removal products instead. These will not only save you time and effort but will also protect the area, meaning that the moss will find it harder to grow back in the future.

Moss is a non-vascular plant that grows in moist, shady environments and areas prone to moss growth include driveways, tennis courts and pathways. In addition to being a potential health hazard due to its slippery nature, moss also damages and causes degradation of the underlying surface. This is why it's always best to quickly remove any moss before it gets a chance to settle in and spread further. However, this is easier said than done and it may take a lot of time and effort to effectively remove moss or find a suitable moss killer solution. For effective moss removal, APT have created Algae Free – a highly concentrated cleaning solution designed to remove moss and stop it in its tracks. So, if you need to buy moss killer for drives, tennis courts or anywhere else, simply visit the APT website at

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