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Graffiti Removal Products - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Graffiti can be quite a large problem, particularly in business and industrial areas. Unfortunately, it is also notoriously difficult and time consuming to remove. After the first lot of graffiti has been laid down, it is never too long before more and more begins to appear and so, with that in mind, you should always try to quickly remove any new graffiti as soon as possible.

APT are a UK based supplier of all types of cleaning solutions and have a great range of graffiti removal products as well as those which can actually prevent or deter future attacks too. If you need to remove graffiti quickly and efficiently, there are several products that you can choose to best fit your situation. If you have large areas of graffiti to remove, using a graffiti removal solution with a hand-held chemical sprayer will be the fastest way to do so, but if you just need a small area cleaning, APT's range of heavy-duty and plastic safe aerosols will be more suitable. Other options include graffiti removal wipes, which offer an easy to use and highly portable solution for graffiti removal. Visit the website to find out more.

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Hard Surface Cleaners - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whether you require a hard surface multi-purpose or general purpose cleaner for use on metal, in kitchens, swimming pools, exterior floors, or anywhere else, you may have trouble finding a suitable product. Most hard surface cleaners are diluted which means that they will be less effective at doing their job and you will be paying extra, both to ship larger quantities and to store the product.

APT have a wide range of highly concentrated hard surface cleaners including one which was nominated in 2012 as the product of choice for cleaning the Olympic Aquatic Pool tile surround! The complete range includes everything you need to remove dirt, grime and bacteria from any type of hard surface and the products currently available are as follows:

Speed X7 – Multi purpose cleaning solution suitable for use in a wide variety of applications where the fast removal of ingrained dirt, grime, oil and grease is required.

Easy – Environmentally friendly solution for all-purpose metal cleaning and polishing.

Aquacleanse – A safe slip-resistant formula suited for use in and around swimming pool areas.

Magnaclean bactericidal – Highly concentrated all in one cleaner and degreaser for use in kitchens.

Hi-drocleanse – Kitchen cleaner which is a fully biodegradable, highly concentrated and food-safe bactericidal surface sanitiser.

2001 Safety Cleaner – Reliable, industrial hard surface cleaner and degreaser with an environmentally friendly and 100% water soluble formula.

Find out more about APT's hard surface cleaners on the website –

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Deicing Products - Saturday, February 8, 2014

Whilst it might bring children and the young at heart much joy when it comes around, the cold and wintry weather can be a real obstacle to the smooth running of many businesses each year. Even those who are overjoyed with snow and ice in the beginning, will quickly tire of it once it becomes less fun and more hassle!

In today’s fast paced world, the traditional methods of removing snow and ice from paths, windscreens and other areas aren’t effective or quick enough. If you need to remove ice as quickly as possible in order to keep working or for safety reasons, you'll need professional deicing products.
APT have a great range of deicing products which are suitable for use in removing snow & ice build-ups from cold store areas, emergency exits, forecourts, loading bays, drains, driveways, steps and many other areas. With a non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally formula, you can safely use the products anywhere as they aren't harmful to plants or animals and won't damage concrete, tarmac, carpets or metalwork either. Also, with a fast working action, up to 8 times faster than rock salt, you and your workers can safely resume work faster than ever!

Find out more about APT's deicing products by visiting the site at

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Water Industrial Cleaners - Saturday, February 8, 2014

If you are looking to source water industrial cleaners, you will often find that you have one of two choices – either buy a pre-diluted cleaning solution or a highly concentrated solution. Pre-diluted cleaning products have several disadvantages compared to highly concentrated products.
Pre-diluted cleaning products:

With pre-diluted cleaning products, you will have to buy a larger volume and will therefore need a larger storage area. This can be a real hassle and end up costing money if you don't have enough room, especially when purchasing cleaning products on an industrial scale.

The product may not be concentrated enough to do an effective job and will also mean that you have to use more to get the job done. The other downside to this is that it will take you or your workers longer to carry out the task and affect their efficiency. Extra time spent on the same job, means the work is costing your business more money than is necessary.
Highly concentrated cleaning products:

Work out much cheaper and get the job done quicker

Depending on what job you need to do, you can dilute the highly-concentrated cleaning solution by using water. This ensures that you aren't using a higher than necessary concentration to get the job done.

You won't need to buy as large a quantity and so will be able to reduce your storage and overhead buying costs. Do you know how much it costs in your organisation to raise an order? We’ve done some research…and found out that on average it costs most local authorities over £100.00 just to raise an order!

Remember, buying low end products means shipping a vast amount of water thus not helping our carbon footprint at all.

APT supply water industrial cleaners to businesses across the UK and you can find out more about them by visiting their site at

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Winter Car Care - Saturday, February 1, 2014

One of the major causes of road traffic accidents during the winter months is poor visibility. Whether the road ahead is obscured by blizzard conditions, or an icy windscreen hasn’t been adequately cleared, the results could be fatal. It is therefore essential to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the driver, the passengers and the public.

During cold winter weather, a vehicle’s windscreen will often be obscured by thick ice. This can be time consuming to scrape off, particularly if you have a large vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles to contend with. In the case of the emergency services or public transport, it is not an option to waste valuable minutes removing the ice. In these instances it is essential to carry out proper winter car care, by utilising a de-icing spray. Thaw out Professional De-Icer is designed to work at sub zero temperatures down to -15 degrees. Additionally, it contains a special formula of ingredients to prevent re-freeze. Using the spray bottle, a vehicle’s windscreen can be clear in seconds.

Whilst out on the road, a vehicle’s windscreen may become obscured by ice, debris or snow. This is a particular issue for vehicles working throughout the night, whilst taking regular stops, such as haulage vehicles and public transport. Investing in a concentrated screen wash is essential for winter car care. Solution 5000 Screenwash is effective in sub-zero formula and does not affect a vehicle’s paintwork or rubber seals. This allows the window to stay clear, without the driver even having to leave the vehicle.

Both of these winter car care products are available from APT Cleaning Supplies -

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Prevent the Spread of Winter Germs - Saturday, February 1, 2014

A rapidly spreading cold or flu virus can have a significant affect on workforce productivity. With staff either taking off sick days or unable to perform at their best, a virus can cause a host of problems. Preventing the spread of winter germs is key to minimizing the impact this has on your staff, customers and ultimately, your business.  

Protect your staff with hand santisers

Viruses can quickly spread from the hands onto various surfaces, such as door handles and equipment. Keeping hands free from germs will help to prevent them spreading from person to person. To achieve this staff and customers should be encouraged to regularly wash their hands. Additionally, they should have easy access to hand sanitising gel and/or soap.

Steriwash is a hospital grade hand sanitiser and hard surface cleaner, killing all gram + and gram – bacteria. It can be used as a wash with water, but can also be left to dry on the hands naturally.

Keep hard surfaces free from germs

Sani-wipes are ideal for quickly and effectively cleaning and killing winter germs on hard surfaces. They can also be used safely on hands, equipment, telephones, door handles and plastics.

Steri-wash and Sani-wipes are both available at APT Cleaning Supplies. APT Cleaning Supplies have a range of products specifically formulated to help prevent the spread of winter germs – find out more by visiting the website -

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