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Everlube TQ02 First Order Half Price
Everlube TQ02
  • Top quality grease lubricant
  • Specially developed multi-purpose grease for all anti-friction and plain bearing applications
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wide temperature range
  • Compatible with other greases
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Case 6 x 3 kg LUB04B £133.19 (GBP)
Case 12.5 kg LUB04CB £98.86 (GBP)

Everlube TQ02 grease lubricant approved by leading bearing manufacturers

Everlube TQ02 is a grease lubricant that conforms to the latest specifications and is approved by leading bearing manufacturers and automotive manufacturers for industrial and automotive use.

The grease has shown exceptional stability performance giving a wide operating temperature range of –20 to +150°C continuous, and up to 180°C for short bursts. It has a good resistance to oil separation and impact and is compatible with other greases as well as good oxidation stability. 


Everlube TQ02 grease lubricant can be used in most moving parts and components such as shafts, bearings, hinges, pivots, linkage, couplings, brushes, slide ways and conveyors etc.