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Ultramax PHS Ultra-Max PHS a concentrated decsaler, Ultrasonic Cleaner and Degreaser fluid. A low foam phosphoric based formula for all heavy duty de scaling operations safe to use on metals including stainless steel and plastic components for degreasing tasks in the medical, munitions, transport, industrial manufacturing, servicing and re- manufacturing sectors.
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Highly Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaner, Descaler and Degreaser.

UltramaX PHOS  Concentrated Ultrasonic cleaner and de scaler fluid is suitable for all cleaning and descaler tasks. UltramaX phos is a special blend of acids, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors formulated for fast descaling and the removal of dirt, scale and rust without excessive foaming. Use for cleaning of components used in parts washer cleaner. UltramaX PHOS ultrasonic acid descaler is recommended for removing heavy build up of scale deposits from metals including stainless steel, glass and plastics.

Use in ultrasonic cleaning tanks and spray parts washer systems to quickly fro effective descaling, cleaning, degreaser loosening and removing scale and other unwanted organic residues, oils found in Industrial equipment servicing, manufacturing and Transport industries. 

Fast acting: use to safely remove heavy soiling from parts or hardened organic compounds including calcium solids, oils, food stuffs and fatty residues, metal componants subjected to water residues found drilling and water carrying equipment and processes, ultrasonic bath cleaning, parts washer and spray cabinet washer systems are the best descaler solutions, degreaser and cleaning tasks. A Safe friendly ultralow foam formula. 

  • Highly concentrated With built in corrosion protection

  • Safe low foam effective formula

  • Fast acting ingredients for thorough Descaler

  • Hot or Cold use

Application: Ultrasonic cleaning bath

Dilute in the ultrasonic bath 2- 4% solution to and leave to work between 2 to 6 minute cycles.

If heated tank the temperatures up to 50C are optimal.   

Typical Dilution Rates:

Dilute 50 parts water for light and medium de scaler tasks

Dilute 25 parts water for heavy duty descaler tasks

Application: Spray washer parts cleaner

Dilute in the ultrasonic bath cleaner tank 5 - 10 % or solution to and leave to work between 2 to 6 minute cycles. 

We stock a full range of ultrasonic cleaning fluids and parts cleaner solutions to suit every application and ultrasonic bath fluids . Let us help you choose the best ultrasonic cleaning solution for all you cleaning and degreasing operations.  

Call our team of specialists on 01495 30 8048 or email us at  

Ultrasonic cleaning fluid is packed in: 5 litre, 4x5 litre case, 25 litre drums and 210 litre barrels.