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Ultramax MED Ultramax MED is a highly concentrated formula antibacterial ultrasonic cleaner fluid. Safe for use on metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, nylon, rubber. Suitable for most component cleaning and degreasing tasks found in the medical practice, laboratory, food processing, servicing and re-manufacturing sectors. UltraMax MED is odourless, non-tainting and food safe. It is ideal for medical testing and laboratory use for total cleaning of glassware and other surgical equipment.Use to remove oils ,greases fats ,blood and other unwanted organic residues ,light inks and dyes
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Case 1 x 210 Ltrs £935.42 (GBP)

What is Ultramax Med Concentrated - Ultrasonic Cleaner fluid?

Ultramax MED is the best antibacterial ultrasonic cleaning tank fluid and is used for all light duty cleaning and degreasing tasks found in laboratories, dental practices and medical work places where high or stringent hygiene stands are paramount.

What can Ultramax MED be used for?

Ultramax MED has an odourless and non-tainting food safe formula.

It is specifically formulated for the removal of light soiling found in medical establishments, food processing areas and laboratories. It is designed to deliver the best quality cleaning leaving you with hygienically clean glassware, medical instruments and hard surfaces.

It is an ultrasonic degreaser that specifically designed to be used in ultrasonic parts cleaners but can also be used as a hard surface cleaner to remove:

  • all light oils and greasy residues
  • blood and other organic residues
  • food and fatty residues
  • inks and dyes

Features and Benefits

  • Highly concentrated antibacterial cleaner so it is economical in use and needs reordering less frequently than inferior quality products 
  • Low foam formula to ensure that the efficiency of your parts cleaner is not compromised
  • Fast acting thorough cleaning reducing the time required for cleaning operations
  • Versatile so it can also be used as a general hard surface antibacterial cleaner, reducing overheads and storage space requirements

How can I clean medical instruments using an - Ultrasonic cleaning bath?

Dilute in the ultrasonic bath 1-2% (1 or 2 parts Ultramax MED to 100 parts water) and leave to work using 2 to 8 minute cycles.

If heated, temperatures up to 40oC are optimal.

  • Dilute 100 parts water lighter cleaning tasks
  • Dilute 50 parts water for medium cleaning tasks
  • Dilute 25 parts water for heavy duty cleaning tasks

Spray washer parts cleaner

As above.

How can I clean and sanitise work surfaces, walls and floors?

Apply Ultramax MED via spray, cloth or mop, diluted as appropriate to the level of contamination. Rinse or wipe off taking the emulsified dirt with it.

We stock a full range of ultrasonic cleaning fluids, not just this water based antibacterial cleaner.

Buy your Ultramax MED online now or talk to us on 01495 308 048 to help you choose the best ultrasonic cleaning solution for all you cleaning and degreasing operations. 

Ultramax MED ultrasonic antibacterial cleaning fluid is packed in: 5 litre, 4x5 litre case, 25 litre drums and 210 litre barrels.